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Rapsody – Generation f. Mac Miller & Jared Evan (prod. 9th Wonder) [2Dope Premiere]

blame it on Shake July 24, 2013

After starting things off with the Wale-assisted “Dark Knights” last week, Rapsody gave us the green light to premiere the second official leak off her upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, She Got Game, due out August 20th.

  • wat

    Rapsody has such an amazing production team backing her. I just wish she’d come into her own more. She kinda relies on features. Still I have nothing but respect for her. Super dope lyricist and it’s refreshing to see that coming from a female.

    • John

      Trying to get recognition, she deserves it. She’s to dope!

  • jonTo


  • mafohran

    Salute to Jamla Army and Respect to Rapsody !!! You make it everlasting.

  • lol

    Rapsody isn’t the realest, Nitty Scott MC is.

    But still a dope song.

    • Watthafack

      No Nitty Scott ain’t …..lol

  • Rippartyarty

    Jared bodied that hook!!!!WOOO

  • Rippartyarty

    jared bodied that hook doe!!!!

  • wat

    Rapsody is MILES better than Nitty Scott, MC. Nitty is just sexy as hell lol. Another female MC better than Nitty is “Noname Gypsy” but again, Nitty wins in looks. I mean she can rap but don’t boost her skill for her looks.

  • wat

    Also, @jonTo: What the hell am I wrong about? 90% of her songs have features. The only other thing I said was that she was dope… Am I wrong about that?

    • Watthafack

      But doesn’t 90% of Hip hop have features? I feel like if she didn’t have features nobody would even check for cause she a girl. Dat shit wack too

  • Too Much

    Rap Is a Beat Nuff Said….. Shouts to Jamla Records & Jamla Army !!!

  • Sabelo

    Dope! keep it up jamla. always dropping good music. cant wait for the album rapdiddy.

  • wat

    @Watthafack: 90% (probably way more) of hip hop has features on their projects, obviously, but what I was saying is that her projects 90% songs with features. It’s looking like her upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama will have at least one feature on every song. I don’t have a problem with this because she usually has great features but my original point is that since she relies so much on features, she’s constantly outshined on a track. She needs to come into her own to be revered more as a solo artist.

  • wat

    is that her projects ARE 90% songs with features***

  • HatersGonHate

    Her projects are 90% features????? Either I missed something or you dummies aren’t that good at math. And, who gives a fuck. You either like the project or you don’t. I guess you have nothing else to bitch about so you try to find whatever you can to hate on. Typical.

  • wat

    @HatersGonHate: Return of the B-Girl: 14/20 songs with features.
    Thank H.E.R. Now: 11/20 songs with features.
    For Everything: 4/14 songs with features.
    The Black Mamba EP: 2/7 songs with features.
    The Idea of Beautiful: 12/18 songs with features.

    Obviously For Everything and The Black Mamba EP fight my point, but if you know about her, you’d know those are ironically her least popular projects.

    Also, wait, I’m hating on her? What? After calling her dope as hell? I guess niggas these days really do take every form of criticism as hate, lol.

  • Watthafack

    @wat Constantly outshined? I don’t know about all of that. I hope you know every song she’s dropped, because she has a ton of songs with no one on them but her(her last album has about 17 songs with only 3 songs with rap features). So I don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Watthafack

    @wat An R&B hook doesn’t count as a rap feature. You can’t count a singing chorus as a feature, the same way as a rap feature. Come on now. Go back re-do your count. And can you post an artist’s mixtape who doesn’t have that same amount of features?

    Drake -Thank Me Later – 7/14
    Drake -Take Care 9/18

    I’m with HatersGonHate…..HATERS ARE GON’ HATE.

  • wat

    aight dawg, i’m a hater.

  • Ricki Lutes

    9th Wonder, 9th Wonder, 9th Wonderer!! this beat!!!

  • YoungCosby

    Actually, Jean Grae is better an Rapsody and Nitty. But anyway, this is dope!!!