Gillie Da Kid – King Me (Meek Mill Diss)

blame it on Illy July 25, 2013

Meek Mill recently took to Twitter to crown himself the “King of Philly” earlier this week and Gillie Da Kid took direct offence to it (he has a mixtape out called King of Philly 2). He’s responded to the MMG rapper’s claims with a diss track titled, “King Me.”

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  • smh

    the dude named himself after an SNL character.

  • PhillyCheeseSteak

    Pretty Dope actually

  • cares


  • Kiddjewce

    Pretty trash actually

  • Javid

    everybodys shittin on MEEK

  • Crown

    Beanie Sigel is the king of philly, i know he steaming in his cell that niggas think he’s dead. Gillie i know you remeber the 2001 all-star game.

  • Clowns

    If I see a track that says “Diss” I aint even listening to it.

    These rap dudes these days are cotton candy soft. I remember the days when there was real beef in hip hop, where motherfuckers weren’t just talking shit on tracks and then see each other in person and give dirty looks, nah.

    None of these pussies will do shit. This “beef” is hilarious. Almost as funny as Little wayne and jay-z’s beef.

    Get these fucking softies outta here. You got a problem with someone, let me hear about it thru the news that you went up to him and hit em in the mouth.

    Faggots are all talk these days. Not just with rap, with life in general.

    Bring back the real gangster rappers….Pac, Eazy E, Mausberg etc… it’s a shame these guys are gone.

  • JHP

    ^^^^^^Hell yeah man, you tell it!!! I’m sure you’re a tough as nails when not online, and stick any and everyone on sight. Anyway, this nigga just dissed Meek because he’s thirsty for attention, simple as that. He hopes he can get another Cassidy situation going. Funny thing is, now that that shit’s over, no one gives a damn about Cassidy again, just like Meek predicted actually (Shrugs)

  • triPAUD

    ^^ while it is a publicity stunt, its fully legit. you can’t declare youself king and not expect to be challenged by everyone else. its like an open invitation

  • MembersOnly

    GrandeMarshall is better than both Meek and Gillie *Shrugs*

  • Dr drew

    Not much of a diss

  • Sterling Chambers

    if i was meek i wouldn’t even respond to this shit…it’s not worth the energy

  • The rumors are true

    Not a fan of either 2 but i gotta side with Gillie. Meek seems to have changed so much in such a short space of time and let his new found money and fame change him. I remember Gillie bigging him up a number of times over the years. and thanking officer ricky for signing him.

  • Jrsosa18

    Black Thought is still rapping so…..

  • brad stevens

    gonna admit i only liked this cuz hes dissing meek mill. the actual song sucks

  • b.

    cosign BLACK THOUGHT! fuck these young bitches!

  • KBanesHasty

    GrandeMarshall the fucking man!

  • GODr


  • GODr

    Black Thought is in a league of his own. Best emcee in the rap game.

  • runt

    These niggas forgot that Black Thought is still alive and rapping.

    And no, Beanie Sigel is not the King of Philly. That nigga is rotting in a cell, he’s not the king of shit right now. The dude is dope, but let me know when he has a legacy like Black Thought.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Dope song and it’s definitely not a diss. If anyone knows Gillie’s history this is not a diss. He’s definitely more upfront than this and I can’t tell where in this song where he would be referencing something towards Meek.