• obi one

    Soooooo dope.

  • ajn

    this flow is getting boring

  • Mitch

    Not bad, but I was kind of expecting a little more. Sounds like it was a throwaway from Saab Stories

  • Olly

    Curren$y used the same beat on The Stoned Immaculate (J.L.R)

  • Trizzy

    I'm a big fan of Fraud and I understand samples get recycled alot in rap but he blatantly rips some beats. Biscaye Bay off Cigarette Boats is one of my favorite songs and I found out he straight jacked that from Lee Bannon.

  • robi

    its no bird on a wire

  • http://rap-essence.blogspot.com Rap Essence

    This is dope.