Stephen Colbert Clowns Kanye West’s $120 “Hip Hop T-Shirt” w/ APC

blame it on Shake July 26, 2013

During a recent episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert (rightfully) slanders Ye’s absurdly priced “Hip Hop T-Shirt” with French clothing line A.P.C. Sharing my thoughts exactly.

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  • brad stevens

    “Fruit (feat. The Loom)”

  • marty mcfly

    shut the fuck up you unfunny whiteboy

  • clayton bigsby

    ^^^ looks like we got ourselves another dumb nigger boys

  • Valentine

    Hahaha Kanye West needs to stop being such a douchebag.

  • smh

    marty mcfly is such a dickrider smh.

  • FireMadeFlesh

    “All my homies in the sweatshop say nothing get back to work.” RFLMAO. Classic.

  • jwiii

    That shit is CRAY-ola!

    While I agree the costs and marketing is absurd, how much is Colbert’s suit?

    • Carlos

      It’s apples and oranges
      A white will never cost and have the same quality as a suit

  • Jon

    lol, suit v white tee

  • Mugen

    Lol, this is nothing new really. They basically did the same thing with all that Pyrex Vision. Getting 15 dollar Champion shorts/hoodies, removing the tag, printing pyrex on them, and selling ’em for 8 times as much. It’s just much less creative this time.

  • fuckyou

    this is racist. “can’t a young nigga get money anymore?”

  • IAM

    clayton bigsby looks like you are another dumb nigger, boy.

  • Joey Sloan

    For anyone who doesn’t believe racism isn’t alive and well in the US, just read the above comments!

    Never heard more trashy black folk hating on a dude for being white! U wonder why ppl around the world make fun of u ignorant shit sticks!

  • Jus10

    @fuck you. You have no idea what racism is.

  • PoeBalls

    Who the fuck would buy that?????????? Kanye West is such an arrogant piece of shit. Thinkin’ he’s God or som’n.

  • He’s a man that has mastered his craft and if he charges $1200 a shirt he deserves it. Do As Thou Will Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Why question it. Design your own shirt and be happy.

  • thatoneguy

    @PoeBalls everybody. they’re sold out. can’t knock the hustle.

  • Trax$

    Colbert is 100 percent correct on this one. Its not racist or anything but the absolute truth. Kanye is marketing what is basically an under shirt with a different label for 120$. Its not just Kanye who does these things, the fashion industry is full of similar BS. But to look at that T shirt and wonder why Kanye is being made a target is silly. Im not knocking the hustle and I don’t think Colbert really was either its just hard not to mock after all the talking Kanye does about fashion. I mean this guy calls himself the LVDon and he sells glorified under shirts for 120$.

  • j1

    Yall niggas are upset and broke. If u had the money you would prolly cop. APC denim is already 200-250. Kanye is one of the most fashionable people in the game so why would this be cheap or regular price. I mean just look at the Yeezy’s you can barely find those for under a stack. Yall hating and if you could do some shit like this yall dumb hatin ass niggas would. To a nigga with racks 120 is nothing, its t shirts at nordstrom that cost that much yall trippin

  • illaDuff

    All you saying that Colbert is racist or wrong at all are extrememly ignorant. He is mocking Kanye and all other people that are arrogant at a Kanye-level. Has nothing to do with whether Ye is a great rapper or a fasonista. Just the fact that he is selling a White T for $120 is mockable, and has nothing to do with knocking the hustle. Kanye isn’t stupid, if people are willing to give him that much money for a T then he is gonna take it with no hesitation. Colbert for president 2016

  • jwiii

    It’s about perception and what is socially acceptable. Colbert’s suit can run from a grand to 10 grand if not more. And, some how that’s okay! Yet, he knocks a shirt that costs 120 dollars. I don’t agree with the shirt but there is a subtly hypocrisy to his condemnation.

  • jhubb

    When Kanye collabs with a european clothing line its a problem. When american brand clothing lines i.e.;(Brooklyn We Go Hard) has 130 dollar tank tops it’s dope! I don’t see how the price is absurd. Y’all just go get yall some money and splurge shit!

  • El Zany

    jwiii are you trying to compare a suit to a white t???
    a suit will always cost more than a t-shirt no matter what..
    that being said how is he a hypocrite? he’s not selling the suit he’s only wearing it while Kanye is selling the white t