Almighty Shing Shing Regime - Stand Your Ground

Brand new joint from the Gods produced by Supa83, building on everything from the media and their propaganda, to elevating the consciousness. Peep the audio after the break.

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  • PeopleAreFuckUp

    How u can dislike this and pretend to like hiphop? Do you even listening to the shit you dislike???

  • PeopleLoveToFuck

    This shit is trash...need I say it again.

  • UnoGotTalent

    There are some cold words being spoken in this song. Most people wont knowledge the facts or accept the truth being told.

  • Fish

    Very deep stuff here. I wish there was a balance between songs of this caliber & Versace Versace type sh*t in the mainstream world but unfortunately this is not so, yet. It's okay because I know times are changing and more people will wake up and begin to understand what all this is really about . . . take control of YOUR mind

  • Soul-Oh

    Its trash but you still took the time to listen and comment? Rap fans are so stupid. I'm more of an R&B fan but even I know a classic hip-hop record when I hear one. This ranks up there with the best rap songs released in 2013... Maybe even more than that!

  • Bryant

    Heavy knowledge oriented intellegence truth planet asiaesque flows!
    Beats ok these dude kicked some bobby hemitt type knowledge!

  • Bryant

    Heavy knowledge oriented intelligence truth planet asiaesque flows! Beats ok these dude kicked some bobby hemitt type knowledge!


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