Drake & The Weeknd In the Studio (Pic)

blame it on Miss_Peas July 27, 2013

Whether there really was any actual beef between the two or not, last night, Drake and The Weeknd hit the studio together.

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  • 426574Chainz

    what differences? I thought they were best buds?

  • NuckyBompton

    I’m guessing 2dbz didn’t read the Complex article. Weeknd said they never were beefing.

  • Matchz Malone

    The Weeknd got that throwback Murs hair.

  • j reals

    Wheelchair and the Peacock at it again!

  • Mt

    Damn Peas you suck more than just dick. No research.

  • Andyroo

    I always thought that Drake conducted himself with the most integrity. Common came after him and he just downplayed it. Abel really fucked him over and he’s resolved the differences. He’s a good dude despite all the hate.

  • They never had beef. Just stupid fans and/or speculators that try to read into everything, outside of actual research.

  • jason

    This means great music.

  • Truth

    Two fags in the stupid making weak music hooray

  • Truth


  • JtotheMuah

    this got all yall 2DBz emotional asses hype lol smdh this site used to be dope now yall just posting up all that fuck shit.

  • A lot of sensitive used toilet paper type music about to be dropped. The Weeknd is cool though

  • DrakeGod


  • huaro917

    @truth what a fail at the stupid? get your dumb ass out of here

  • Gifts

    @huaro917 Capitalization and periods, motherfucker. If you’re going to be a grammar bitch be a good one.

  • truth butthurts

    two gay niggaz

  • lp

    maybe the weekend will start makin some good music again

  • ep

    maybe drake can stop whimpering in his music

  • Cu.

    Never had beef?
    Quotes from 5am in T.O.
    “The part I love most is that they need me more than they hate me, so they never take shot. I got everybody on safety.”

    and “I give these niggas the look, the verse, and even the hook. Thats why every song feels like drake featuring drake, we straight.”

    and “I show love, but I never got the same outta niggas, I guess its funny how money can make change outta niggas forreal…some nobodys started feelin themselves, a couple somebodys started killin themselves, a couple albums dropped but they’re still on the shelves, I bet them shits would have popped if I was willing to help.”

    You guys really think he is talking about Chris Brown? nah those quotes were obviously directed at Able and the XO crew.

  • Spain guy

    ^ Totally agree with Cu. Those lyrics on 5AM where shots at weeknd & XO crew. No doubt

  • LMoore

    I LIKE PIES!!!!

  • TheKidCuba

    Couldn’t agree more @Cu. and @Spain guy