Saturday Night Sexy: Madzilla

blame it on Shake July 27, 2013

Twitter: @KMadelyn_lance | Instagram: Madzilla

Taking the reins of the Saturday Night Sexy post this week, I decided to go with my girl’s current girl crush Madelyn Lance (or as her 183k followers on Instagram know her as, Madzilla). Take a look at more shots of the 24-year old California native below.


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  • Winnerones

    Got what it takes

  • Billy

    She’s bad but I hate excessive tattoos. It looks like she has a skin disease.

  • Jus10

    So now we’re just posting random hood rats. Riiiight.

  • ej

    why couldnt she just stay the way God made her. Theres too much going on here.

  • antinerdrap

    Stop making these hoes famous & stick to posting music.

  • No………

    Disgusting = too much tattoos
    Disgusting = nasty ass face tattoos
    Disgusting = nasty ass face piercings

    this bitch = a disgusting ratchet bitch

    Now 2DBz are posting white maybe latino ratchet bitches. Such a damn shame.

    Welcome folks to Saturday Night Ratchets. The only place where you have to put a bag over a bitches face.

  • Cage

    ^^^ Lol They went in…. I’d fuck though

  • Cool Nuts

    She looks like a ratchet Lauren London.

    I’d still smash tho. *shrugs*

  • Drakkke

    i would rather fuk kreayshawn or that bish v-nasty

  • skiler415

    id hit it but i wouldnt take my socks off. in case bitch try something funny.

  • malcyvelli

    had a good body, but she got them tats on overkill and I’ve never been a fan of dermals

  • DOPE

    You faggots just hating b/c she looks hip and your all a bunch of lames smh

    She looks better than any bitch you all fuck with thats for sure!

    • NC Chef


  • DoubleClutch95

    Why do these girls get tatted up like dudes? That ish is not sexy.

  • Onederin

    She looks great. I see nothing wrong with the tats, but I understand why some wouldn’t be into that look.

  • who cares

    While I can’t deny she has a fabulous body, I can’t stand when chicks try to look “gangster”. It’s just not attractive at all, in my opinion. That last pic and the pic of her in the red/orange bikini are the best.

  • who cares

    Oh, and I don’t mind the tats. I think tatted women are sexy as hell.

  • dave

    shes cute and that ass is undeniable but i really hate when girls get that face piercing shit. that shit could never look cute or sexy. if she take those out its all bueno.

  • Stephanie santiago >

    The second last pic she can get it w/ that twister pose haa but shit I might be ridin too much but fuck stephanie santiago > that ig and vid posts she funny and voice sexy AF might I add she toss the lifer set sign now too!

  • 32

    This broad will be working figueroa in about five years..

  • Gifts

    Now I need a Saturday Night Tetanus Shot after just looking at her.

  • WhatYallBonin?

    lolll ^ this nigga said he needs a fucking TETNIS shot. omg.

    i dont get the hate tho. she has more ass than half the girls that have gotten hella likes on here; plus the breasteses.
    shes at least a thumbs up
    yall are pussy

    • NC Chef

      Cosign to the fullest

  • no ink

    Them tats ruin it.. one or two discreet tattoos are ok, but too much ink is ugly, and takes away from a woman’s natural beauty.

  • Rosebudd

    I would have my pistol in hand while smashing this ho

  • Jb

    Lame. Chick pierced her cheeks just to get dimples. That’s gonna fuck up her molars…anyhow/anyways I’d still fuck her.

  • truestory

    bitch is corny

    this coming from a dude who slams literally anything i please

    so u know its legit

  • jaghz

    piece of turd

  • Jake101

    Y’all gay.

  • Jake101

    Y’all gay. haha

  • just cause

    Because breast implants, butt shots, hair extensions, hair dye, contacts, acrylic nails, and tanning salons don’t distort a person’s natural beauty? Or is it just of intimidated dudes trying to pick apart a woman who had a fat ass, nice breasts, a tight stomach, and pretty face, so they could feel more comfortable about having no chance.

  • Advance

    @just cause – There’s a big difference between tanning and getting a complete sleeve and face tattoos. And there’s a big difference between wearing contacts and having ridiculous piercings in your cheeks.

  • SforMusic

    I think this section needs to close down cos 2DBZ are just teasin niggas, you post pics of chicks that everyone here would love to beat but couldnt unless they get rich so they conpensate by trolling and chatting shit about natural beauty as if they wouldnt hit if the female was in their bed C’mon guys lol stop lying to yourselves haha

  • just cause

    @Advance. There is no difference, body modifications are body modifications, regardless of subtlety. The difference is, that you have decided which ones are gender appropriate because of cultural stereotypes and norms.

  • C’mon Y’all

    Not into girls with excessive tats and that hipster shit but she’s definitely attractive.

  • realtalk™

    she has a cute face and a nice body but her appearance turns me off.. and for the record, those dimple piercings are the wackest shit ever..

  • Grimzz

    I’d dick her down

  • talk sense

    That’s ridiculous to say all body modifications are the same. Ultimately it comes down to preference, but you can’t say a face tattoo is the same as say a lip piercing. One is drastically different than the other.

  • Wally Thrasher

    she bad

  • hova scotia

    you guys arguin about girls is like arguin about the shitty music you listen to on this site

  • tha whizzle

    Why is it when dudes voice their opinion on not liking how chick looks on SNS you have other dudes coming out of the wood work bitching about dudes having no chance or being gay?

    Or is it the chick in the photos with hurt feeling all scorned and shit? Or her fans?

    Either or the bitch is ugly but she could still get the dick because I fuck ugly filthy bitches. I don’t discriminate I fuck all bitches, ugly, beautiful, dirty, clean, young (18 & older) and old (70 & younger).

    Tell me this one thing thought you guys can’t front don’t you think she smells like an ashtray just from looking at those photos.

  • austin

    I look at the bitches of SNS. Then I laugh at the comment section, this shit is quality entertainment man.

  • mazoomy

    I commend you guys for posting something different. I think she’s great besides those cheek piercings, but shiet I can overlook it lol. Keep SNS interesting, bring more different types of ladies.

  • king, the one and only

    Imma get me some of that ashtray pussy!

  • No……..

    Her next tattoo will be, “Ratchet Till The Day I Die”.

  • The fuck? You motherfuckers know you’re fucking this chick. It’s like it’s cool to just bag on broads. If you’re not with it, cool…alright. But some of you are trying way too hard to say why you wouldn’t.

  • triPAUD

    id give her a solid 8. her style is a bit too hipsterish for my tastes. thanks

  • Da Gawd

    Way too many tats

    She should kill herself and start from scratch

  • dagel

    someone photoshop all that gross shit off of her please

  • jundamane24

    Man too many shit talkers on this comment section tho….if you don’t like what you see then hit nope and move the fuck on…these faggots actin like they wouldnt hit it if she let you…fuck outta here…

  • No I.D.

    Haters talk a good game on here like they fuck with nothing less than a 10. GTFOH with that bullshit. Same niggas probably laying next to a wooly mammoth.

  • nycitykid

    This chick is so official, I guess you will never get the ying without the yang. This is one of the first chicks I enjoyed looking at on here for WEEKS.. @justcause thanks for the enlightenment

  • nycitykid

    ying\yang i.e haters/admirers

  • yo

    yo isnt this the chick that was in Nas’ “The Don” video? correct me if im wrong, i thought i recognized the cheek piercings

  • 3 Pac

    lol mad suspect weirdos in the comments.
    Her & Her Photographer(s) are very much in sync.
    Her shoots encompass creativity, femininity, vintage America and an underground Hip-Hop feel. Mi Gusta.

    lol People angry She has tattoos like its 1929

  • youknowwhytheycallitacsecion

    austin knows what’s up. hahaha. that’s my shit

  • Straight female admirer

    Most you fellas on here are haters and don’t know how to appreciate a different woman. Just because she doesn’t look basic like your average ratchet you know you can only get.. The judge mental assholes are the ones who can’t get the pussy they CHOOSE! Go on take what you can get and leave this fine lady alone. All of her shoots are sexy and unique. She kills the scene!