• Young

    His voice annoying as hell . I cant even listen all the way through . So i cant even judge....cant do it...

  • rosa parks

    dope as usual. good message for the kids. real ppl song.

  • http://www.twitter.com/TVizzy TVizzy

    99.9% sure No I.D. did the beat. This production is fire, a little repetitive and annoying at times with the sample but overall, dope track. Powerful.

  • Metal165

    Wow, this must be No ID/Kanye produced track. great song all around, on first listen.

  • realtalk™

    half these lyrics is recycled from old freestyles and shit.. kinda weak

  • ewq

    ^who fucking cares. do you not listen to any raps more than once or something. petty ass criticism

  • WALKwithme

    Sean always takes a long break between projects and I love that. He works on quality. Few people do that anymore. Will be copping Hall of Fame

  • jobie

    Im really thinking this is going to be a great album. his first was pretty solid. people hear radio sean and dont realize his catalog has more songs like this than songs like A$$

  • tttttfgh

    This track is dope. DJ Camper produced this BTW.

  • Wesson

    Dope beat, Sean might not be the most creative on the mic but he never wastes a good instrumental.

  • ew

    WALKwithme dude this is only his second album what are you talking about.

  • malcyvelli

    @ew I'm pretty sure he means since his last tape which came out not much more than a year ago

    This song is definitely some recycled lines but the instrumental is undeniable, I ain't mad at it from the jump and it'll probably grow on me, I do wish he'd stop trying to force that fucking flow from the 3/4 mark in songs, it;s awkward 99% of the time he does it

  • knowledgebuildcypher

    even tho he spit this on hot 97 shit is hard when you hear the ACTUAL SONG .. beat fire... Def better then J.Cole take away his nasally voice n just listen to raps

  • selfappointedcritic

    ehhh...not really feeling this. Memories (original mixtape version) is still the best medium sean song IMO.

  • Tony

    This beat is screaming for a Pusha T verse

  • alexfirth91

    Kanye verse on this would be fire with a Cudi hook/verse

  • wiLL dent

    This shit reeks of classic Kanye production but probably isn't..then again who knows.Dope

  • Clutch City

    Fuck Def Jam for trying to drop Big Sean sophomore album before Pusha's debut album!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGJOYh2O1nk Ill Son

    Crazy ppl honestly, like this. I was like seriously not feeling the production nor the record itself. I’m not feeling this album; “Gwap”, “Switch Up”, and now this, “Fire”. I released a record called, Fire, back in ’11 for my demo. Then had a NEW record called, “Fire” for my upcoming album. By FAR this record doesn’t outshine neither of my records, smh.

    • JohnnyTarr

      How many records you sell?

      • T


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGJOYh2O1nk Ill Son

    @Tarr, um wtf does that matter? Good music is good music.

  • MusicHead

    No ID produced this & it sounds EXACTLY "So Much More"

    Fire = So Much More

  • Yup

    So Much More 2.0

  • samflow

    I heard a hint of James Fuantleroy's vocals in this song

  • rswd

    Damn bout time i heard a good big sean song!

  • mR

    man, i really love this shit.

  • Fredro

    Through the Wire 2.0
    Sean didnt disappoint. Excited for the album...

  • godoftheplanets

    ^dont compare mediocre sean to some legendary shit fam ... through the wire is classic this is nowhere near it