Big Sean – Fire

blame it on Illy July 29, 2013

Samsung continues its ongoing relationship with rappers by teaming up with Big Sean to release the latest track off his upcoming LP, Hall of Fame, due out August 27th.

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  • Young

    His voice annoying as hell . I cant even listen all the way through . So i cant even judge….cant do it…

  • rosa parks

    dope as usual. good message for the kids. real ppl song.

  • 99.9% sure No I.D. did the beat. This production is fire, a little repetitive and annoying at times with the sample but overall, dope track. Powerful.

  • Metal165

    Wow, this must be No ID/Kanye produced track. great song all around, on first listen.

  • realtalk™

    half these lyrics is recycled from old freestyles and shit.. kinda weak

  • ewq

    ^who fucking cares. do you not listen to any raps more than once or something. petty ass criticism

  • WALKwithme

    Sean always takes a long break between projects and I love that. He works on quality. Few people do that anymore. Will be copping Hall of Fame

  • jobie

    Im really thinking this is going to be a great album. his first was pretty solid. people hear radio sean and dont realize his catalog has more songs like this than songs like A$$

  • tttttfgh

    This track is dope. DJ Camper produced this BTW.

  • Wesson

    Dope beat, Sean might not be the most creative on the mic but he never wastes a good instrumental.

  • ew

    WALKwithme dude this is only his second album what are you talking about.

  • malcyvelli

    @ew I’m pretty sure he means since his last tape which came out not much more than a year ago

    This song is definitely some recycled lines but the instrumental is undeniable, I ain’t mad at it from the jump and it’ll probably grow on me, I do wish he’d stop trying to force that fucking flow from the 3/4 mark in songs, it;s awkward 99% of the time he does it

  • knowledgebuildcypher

    even tho he spit this on hot 97 shit is hard when you hear the ACTUAL SONG .. beat fire… Def better then J.Cole take away his nasally voice n just listen to raps

  • selfappointedcritic

    ehhh…not really feeling this. Memories (original mixtape version) is still the best medium sean song IMO.

  • Tony

    This beat is screaming for a Pusha T verse

  • alexfirth91

    Kanye verse on this would be fire with a Cudi hook/verse

  • wiLL dent

    This shit reeks of classic Kanye production but probably isn’t..then again who knows.Dope

  • Clutch City

    Fuck Def Jam for trying to drop Big Sean sophomore album before Pusha’s debut album!

  • Crazy ppl honestly, like this. I was like seriously not feeling the production nor the record itself. I’m not feeling this album; “Gwap”, “Switch Up”, and now this, “Fire”. I released a record called, Fire, back in ’11 for my demo. Then had a NEW record called, “Fire” for my upcoming album. By FAR this record doesn’t outshine neither of my records, smh.

    • JohnnyTarr

      How many records you sell?

      • T


  • @Tarr, um wtf does that matter? Good music is good music.

  • MusicHead

    No ID produced this & it sounds EXACTLY “So Much More”

    Fire = So Much More

  • Yup

    So Much More 2.0

  • samflow

    I heard a hint of James Fuantleroy’s vocals in this song

  • rswd

    Damn bout time i heard a good big sean song!

  • mR

    man, i really love this shit.

  • Fredro

    Through the Wire 2.0
    Sean didnt disappoint. Excited for the album…

  • godoftheplanets

    ^dont compare mediocre sean to some legendary shit fam … through the wire is classic this is nowhere near it