G4SHI – Who Made Me (Video)

blame it on Meka July 29, 2013

“Don’t Hate Me, Hate God Cause He Made Me.” The Talented and charismatic artist G4SHI is Back at it with the release of his new single titled “Who Made Me.” The track has a 90‘s Hip Hop feel with a new school twist. G4SHI, the Albanian-American Golden Child proclaims “Who Made Me” represents the power struggle between the forces of good and evil. Living in an egotistical society full of superficial individuals, G4SHI’s record is there to enlighten the listeners that we are all god’s people, but when you hate on your fellow man you are hating on god’s creation.

In short, G4SHI is encouraging kids to strive for a better life. He wants everyone to go out there and chase their dreams. Everyone wants those “Big cribs, nice whips”, and it’s all possible if you put your mind to it.

You can grab the audio here.

  • SoloHoe

    Blame MEKA for what this shit is pretty dope .

  • ThePharaoh

    This shit is so heavy. G4shi on the rise.

  • dcchillin

    this shit is fireeeeeeeeee.

  • Kyle

    Awesome…Track on repeat!

  • Neno

    Amazing artist with potential. Every single song has been amazing in its own way. G4SHI deserves nothing but respect. He’s an example of True and Real talent.


    I’m happy to be part of this movement MOXY GANG!

  • Emceesquared

    This song is fire.. Glad to see G4SHI getting love by the dope house!!!

  • deedeeD

    great video but greater song. too smooth

  • hong-solo

    we love u from japan

  • Katelyn A

    This shit is sick. I love Gashi and his music. I love this video he is so hott and creative it’s insane! He deserves to be on top