Random Acts of F*ckery: Clipse Stan Edition


Oy vei. This past weekend, Pusha T took to his social networks to post up the above image of some random kid rocking a Play Cloth's Running Jack logo smack dab on his forehead. Along with the SMH-worthy picture, came the following message.

You sir are a king!! Anyone who tells u different is a liar and there mother didn’t want them at birth... @playcloths #PC4LIFE

Yeah, of all the names I could think of to call dude... "king" is definitely no where near the top of my list. Dah well.

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  • killthyself

    the Playclothes logo is chill. but that Pink Dolphin?

  • whatadickhead.

    idk, king is appropriate...king of the idiots.

  • dreezy ass

    i am a god

  • brad stevens

    It's amazing how twitter lets you see which people didn't graduate elementary school

  • jojoba

    LMFAO do they even sell that brand anymore?

  • C’mon Y’all

    his mom must be proud.

  • DustinSmith

    How old is this kid?

  • thatDude

    this shit is amazing. this idiot has three logos and a giant ear ring. What the fuck are his plans for next week. All of this shit looks like it was done at a pool party. and this ninja does not even look like he has had pussy yet. with a fucking part

  • \_O_/

    New Slave

  • Original310

    @thatDude by the looks of it seem like he won't be getting any in the near future either...

  • -_-

    Hahahahahahahaha wow at a lot of parts 3 logos which means nigga a HYPEBEAST right side must be a diamond supply/10 deep and a deadline logo haha major 1 though is what person said the "there" to their haha epic fail!

  • Thank Me

    These people really don't want jobs do they. Is this kid some king of gigelo?

  • _AudiiO

    Low IQ.

  • jojo

    I thought it was a tattoo of miguel...


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