• 206FRE$H

    587 likes in 2 hours lets go

  • Yo

    Thank the heavens!!!

  • JobiWaanFengouli

    2001? Surely not?.. Sure it's not something like 2011?

  • Advance

    Good to hear them back together after 12 years


    LOL They had an album a few years back, he meant 2011

  • 7v5a7

    WTF Shake talkin about???
    Chuck Inglish was on The Rocks Report & produced Good Susuhi on Lap of Lux

  • wat

    Nowhere near their hardest song. That title goes to Black Mags easily.

  • C’mon Y’all

    Recycled verse from Sir Michael. Beat hard though.

  • Just My Opinion

    Chuck was on Premier Politics last year on a track produced by Monsta Beats. AND When fish ride bicycles came out a year before that.

  • Terry

    why can't I find this on sound cloud?

  • malcyvelli

    Chuck Inglish> Michael Rocks

    All fucking day

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/illdill illdill

    Why Rocks recycle his verse? Shits disappointing. Beat is hard tho.

  • Heaven

    The beat to this song goes too hard. It kind of reminds me of one of M!c breeD's latest songs. Now that nigga is someone to bump to.

  • https://soundcloud.com/webdiggastudios GALACTUS

    this beat is incredible..good to see these 2 back at it