• http://freeshonation.blogspot.com/ Brian Koast

    This is a nice (K.I.L.L acronym) is a nice concept, I see Chuuwee working hard and perfecting his craft!

  • kingtut

    Chuuwee is the man!

  • Zayvion

    Yoo that supernes shit is bangin

  • js

    I'm always going to support this kid. SF to Sac.

  • http://addivyf.tumblr.com/ Addi Vyf

    DL just for radical and young and free. Chuwwee's that dude though..

  • http://www.olbg.com/?tx11653 Epic

    All the young niggas need to learn from this cat's work ethic.

  • Juicy-G

    @js DITTO!