Uptown XO (of Diamond District) – Ridin’ f. Wale

blame it on Meka July 30, 2013

It’s a Studio 43 reunion, as alumnae XO, yU and Wale join up for this bonus track off the Diamond District member’s Colour de Grey album, which is out now.

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  • fqwe

    lame rappers still false flagging trying to make people think theyre illuminati. how about trying to make good music instead

  • Unxpekted

    I’ve had this track for a veeeeery long time.

  • gg

    cover screams “i’m uneducated”

  • Garry

    Track is hot. XO is dope. Wale kills this one – though I don’t normally like him. And who knew yU could produce like this?!

  • Matchz Malone

    This is a remix of a remix I believe. Oddisee produced the original Rid’n with X.O. rapping on it. Then there was a remix feat Wale, but I believed Oddisee had produced that one too.

    This (X.O) verse is from the original one that Oddisee produced. I recommend checking it out. Beat is much more whip worthy.

  • realtalk™

    This is from like 2008.. Wale don’t rap like this anymore.. XO still dope tho so I’m good hah

  • yeah this a low track xo is nice wooo hooo sounds like they tweaked the mix

    wale and xxxxxxooooooo crazy

  • niggaz see symbols and go right back to the corporate dumbed down way of thinking….look at the cover of the album than listen to it ! u fukkin bloger pussy! than u will see his intent! the spiit inside your anatomy is lame and deserves a death sentence! @fqwe team diamond district and xo for life!

  • how does the cover scream he is uneducated when the government as a whole is a big pyramid scheme….decode it before you hold it and you will know what control is…. xo is a hidden gem! cop the album and see for yourself!

  • waaa

    I liked this track.. I’m a pretty ‘big’ XO fan. He is fairly hit and miss, though. The album was pretty good, favorite track being Soul Value. I agree with the message in his album cover, but, some of the political stances I’ve seen on Facebook is a little too far out there, though.