Phil Ade - R.O.S.E. (Mixtape)


The DMV native is back with his latest mixtape offering, Result Of Society's Evil. Featuring production and guest appearances by Raheem DeVaughn, Like (of Pac Div), Shawn Chrystopher, Sunny Norway, Teddy Roxpin and others. Stream/download below.

DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade - R.O.S.E. (Mixtape)

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    I try to like and listen to Phil Ade...But...Mehh

  • Kd


  • realtalk™

    why would you TRY to like an artists? thats the most retarded thing ive heard

    and to corporate america, sincere apologies for using the word 'retarded' SMH

  • corporateamerica

    @realtalk you're a retard.


    @realtalk Let me elaborate on what I was TRYING to say... I've heard his stuff and I've liked some songs here and there. However I can't find anything in his songs that makes me want to keep listening to him. That's how I've TRIED. Hope that helps you understand, real talk tho

  • M

    This is really really good suff


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