Drake – All Me f. 2 Chainz & Big Sean (prod. Key Wane)

blame it on Meka August 1, 2013

Per usual, Drizzy lets loose his newest single at the most random time of the night, just in time for Toronto’s Caribana weekend celebration. Nothing Was The Same drops September 17th…

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  • This is not WWHH but ay….

    First doe….

  • nwts

    thats all me! ayy


    It’s probably a throwaway since there’s a free download

  • oh okay

    It’s alright.. Big Sean went in.

  • T-Luv

    Well damn Sean……oh God

  • Master Lee

    The song is cool. I don’t like it as much as some of the other songs Drake has released recently but its still dope. I cant wait for Nothing Was The Same to drop on September 17. OVO

  • JHP

    I wonder is this a single, or just another song he dropped to drop? Either way this shit goes hard, Drake has that hunger in his voice when he’s rapping, him and Sean killed it. 2 Chainz was alright, but I couldn’t help thinking how much better it would’ve been with a Kendrick verse isntead of him. Anyway, whether a single or throwaway, this shit goes, and my anticipation for NWTS is high either way.

  • drill

    Drake Goat atm. definitely I believe we are in Drakes prime rite now, and hes only getting started.

  • Me

    Nobody does it like this.

  • Me

    Drake was killing that shit at the end hella hard, why the fuck did they fade it out?

  • son

    SON….that last verse drake was about to go in… CMON WHY DID IT FADE OUT!!???

  • mkd

    Is it just me …or is it kind of contradictory to have a song titled “All Me” and putting 2 chainz and big sean on it?


    I fux with this. Drake is Kobe-ing the game, right now. You can tell that he’s feeling himself (PAUSE!) with each bar that he spit. Heat Rocks!

  • MusicHead

    Tired of Big Sean doin that new flow he learned the shits garbage damn near he need to stick to his usual..nevertheless he had a dope verse besides that weird flow…& Drake not Kobe-ing shit.. Kendrick still owns Drake but not by much.

  • T-Luv

    Why are people on Kendricks dick, if were comparing rappers to NBA Drake is more Lebron, while Kendrick is maybe Melo or Durant

  • Zeggy Shah

    not feeling it, dude is too repetitive, it proves me that my only hope for hip hop is still Kendrick Lamar

  • RaiderBrian

    this is average as fuck, Drake is going nowhere…

  • LostNas

    another song without any substance, big props drake, you should retire.

  • Music

    YO Drake snapped DAMN Shits fire

  • obacaes

    “please excuse my table manners I was just making room for the table dancers” hahahaha

  • Master Lee

    Drake is LeBron. Cole is Durant. Kendrick is Melo.

  • jp

    Cole is westbrook.

  • De Baas

    To bad 2 Chainz is on here

  • Master Lee

    @De Baas I was thinking the same thing. lol

  • Roy’s

    Hov = Jordan. Kanye = Kobe. Drake = Lebron. Kendrick = Durant. Eminem = Steve Nash

  • coolcat

    is that aziz at the beginning?

  • ewt

    @rays’s why does em have to be nash? because he’s white? i didnt realize this crappy bball analogy yall jacked from jay was based on looks

  • realtalk™

    If anything Eminem is Larry Bird.. step your analogy game up

  • thacarter2

    Y’all must not hoop, Kendrick is definitely not Melo. Like someone stated above he’s more Durant since he just dropped his first official LP.

  • T9FTW

    That Drake verse was shit and the hook annoying as hell. I was hoping he’d have the last verse so I could just listen to part of the song but no!

    Nothing Was the Same ever since Take Care.

  • WHAT!

    Tihs song is trash.

  • OCaralho

    nyquil in sound form

  • All me (huh)

    Haha y’all muthafuckers needa get laid talking about rappers to nba FOH only on 2dbz smh haha what a life but besides all that this dope!

  • DToWnStomP

    Key Wane made this song.. beat is nasty. People need to stop putting 2chainz on their songs.. killing records, not in a good way

  • j1

    DRAKE > KENDRICK just my opinion I like em both but some people prefer others over some. deal wit it bammas. Drake on a completely different level, he almost up there with Jay and Ye kep it real K.Dot ain’t there quite yet.

  • BigDickJohnsonIII

    Drake type of nigga to go to a jail and slam the soap on the shower floor. Drake the type of nigga to wave at the police. Drake the type of nigga to bring roses to a strip club. Drake’s the type of nigga that reminds the teacher he has detention. Drake is the type of nigga who sets his alarm to 11:11 to make a wish. Drake the type of nigga that tell his girl before sex, “we dont have to do this. Drake the type of nigga who struggles to decide which end of the burrito to eat. Drake the type of nigga to spray cologne to air then shimmy into the mist. Drake the type of nigga to test the water with his toes before he goes in to the pool. Drake the type of nigga that plays grand theft auto without using cheat codes. Drake the type of nigga who lets a fish go after catching it. Drake is the type of nigga to fart when he’s home alone and say excuse me” Drake the type of nigga to bring the teacher an apple to class. Drake the type of nigga who keeps a diary. drake the type of nigga who stops at traffic lights in GTA. Drake the type of nigga that cries after watching Titanic. Drake that type of nigga that drops the joint during a rotation. Drake the type of nigga that sucks a dick and calls the other nigga gay. Drake the type of nigga to get slapped by his girl and say, ” i deserved that. Drake the type of nigga that’ll have his mom pick him up from work.

  • Cam_Newton

    Drake is soooo fukkin gay, unblvbl

  • MusicHead

    Nas / Jay / Wayne is Jordan. Kendrick is Kobe. Drake Lebron & Cole is Melo or Durant.

    Remember Kendrick is better than Drake at everything except for singing which isn’t rap & he’s the 2nd hottest in the game ….maybe even 1st besides Drake. So CMON be real y’all.. Kendrick next album gon solidify why he the young Kobe.

  • malcyvelli

    @BigDickJohnsonIII DEAD ASS THOUGH

    And I completely agree with that off beat flow sean keeps trying to force on every fucking song, I appreciate the effort from the little nigga but it just ain’t working, and I’m also glad I’m not the only one thinking this track is a little weak, hook is kinda weak and I’m just tired of hearing the same type of “Oh, I’m new in the game, I’ve finally arrived” type shit from drizzy, nigga been in the game about 5-6 years deep, the shit has to stop homey, 2chainz actually seemed in his element on this for surprisingly this shit is aight but I heard/expected better is all

  • wc

    Speaking of LeBron, how many of y’all think he’s gonna have a verse on the album? lol, seriously.

  • Quickstrike

    Smh… I really wish y’all would STFU with the basketball analogies; it’s really apples and oranges. Basketball theirs actual stats; championships; clutch moments you can compare, rap is strictly opinion you can make the case for anyone being better than anyone else.

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!! Let the hate continue…

  • Smoke

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • three

    and chance the rapper is steph curry! he got next. maybe even paul george.

  • yup

    Drake= LeBron, Kendrick= Durant, Cole= D Rose/Harden, Sean= Melo, Rocky= Dame Lillard, 2 Chainz= JaVale McGee lol.

  • rosa parks

    best in the game….

  • Jo

    Childish Gambino=Kyrie Irving?

  • T

    Drake: LeBron
    Cole: Rose
    K.Dot: Kobe
    Hov: Ray Allen
    Kanye: Lottery Pick

  • KatoXV

    @Yup… most accurate so far

  • chillin

    Hov = Jordan
    Wayne = Kobe
    Drake = Lebron
    Cole = Durant
    K. Dot = Kyrie Irving
    Kanye = D. Rose

  • 4th verse came on and I had to start doing push up

    1st listen review: has a ‘no lie’ vibe to it where it’s not the best but it’ll probably blow up and liven the clubs.

    Oh and I laugh anytime someone hates on Drake only to big-up Kendrick. You know if you said that shit to Kendrick’s face he’d laugh at you. They’re boys and Drake helped Kendrick blow up. Know your hip hop and if you wouldn’t say it running into someone on the street, don’t say it on the internet either.


  • supmang

    WHO I AM ? ..the pusha song, doesn, this feel like drake just shitted on that? like a subliminal diss? same feature and single i dunno it just seems that way..

  • gay shit, trash

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Are yall serious? Sean verse was all over the place. There were parts in his verse where he was off beat. No verse stood out. 2 Chainz had some lines but his verse wasn’t that great, Drake’s verse was ok and Sean I thought would kill it and he was way to cocky for the regular shit he was saying all off beat. Drake’s 2nd verse on the 4th verse of the song was hot and faded out once the beat was escalating and changing. Overall thumbs up but an ok song.

  • DoubleClutch95

    Somewhere Pusha has to be mad as fuck! As a Pusha fan this record destroyed Who I Am, which had the same features, and his album most likely won’t be release until after 2 Chainz and Big Sean release this album on Def Jam first.

    Now he gonna have to deal with this record and Drake basically showing him up

  • triPAUD

    good. ol time killa at the end there

  • realest talk

    KENDRICK LAMAR is a better lyricist. You can argue about who’s the better “entertainer”, but as far as an MC Kendrick running shit and getting a lil mainstream love. Drake is a pop star.. he can spit don’t get me wrong, but he’s nowhere near as consistent and that singing shit is not hip hop.

  • Bryant

    Prideful fashion rap. Saying nothing. Hip pop. Drake give phonte his flow and signing back. Not hating jus sayin

  • Bryant

    Prideful fashion rap. Saying nothing. Hip pop. Drake give phonte his flow and signing back. Not hating jus saying.

  • Bryant

    Prideful fashion rap Saying nothing Hip pop Drake give phonte his flow and signing back. Not hating jus saying.

  • Bryant

    Prideful fashion rap Saying nothing Hip pop Drake give phonte his flow and signing back when your done with it Not hating jus saying.

  • Alex

    Get 2chainz off this shit

  • Read a book

    People MUST be hitting dope before actually listening, cuz this song is straight ass!

  • Read a book

    “I laugh anytime someone hates on Drake only to big-up Kendrick… They’re boys and Drake helped Kendrick blow up. Know your hip hop”

    So because they’re “boys” we have to like both of them? Where is the fucking logic in that?

  • Ill Will

    I hope all ya’ll with your NBA:rapper analogies are under the age of 15.

    Chance the Rapper has better bars and is infinitely more creative than anyone on this track. And if you don’t believe that, you’ve never listened to Chance and you listen to RAP cuz of the BEATS.

  • truth

    Nas / Jay / Wayne are Jordan for their sales track record, longevity in the game, and overall lyricism.

    Kendrick is Kobe. Drake is Lebron

    Lol sorry.. I got that westcoast loyalty taking over! In the end for me, Kendrick is better than Drake at everything except for singing which isn’t rap. Don’t get me wrong Drake has his moments because of how candid and real his songs can be.. but since So Far Gone that has been slowly dwindling; his beats, production, and pop swag have been holding him down.

    I guess we’ll truly see with his next album.. Drake is changing just as every rapper does (Kendric eventually will too). He is beginning to succumb to his success. His flow is changing. First single was a very catchy club rant. 2nd single is a radio blaster that would play regardless of what it sounded like because it features two other rappers currently heavy in the spotlight. This time arpound both of his album singles are heavy on promoting himself and how he (and his team ovo, young money, etc) are so great. A noticeable departure from songs he released as singles for previous albums:

    Undeground Mixtapes:
    (Drake was a new concept; a rapper from Canada?, Jewish/White/black?, was on Degrassi?, but had this killer undeniably clever story and punchline flow that was strangely relatable to everyday life.)

    SO FAR GONE: Successful, Houstonlantavegas, Fear
    (The beginning of him finding his real voice and the best voice. Music presented a RAW Aubrey Drake Graham)

    THANK ME LATER: Over, Find Your Love, Miss Me, Fancy
    (With money for awesome production the listener gets a more audience ready version of “Drizzy” Drake’s rawness. In his songs you could feel his doubts, insecurities, and emotions.)

    TAKE CARE: Marvin’s Room, Headlines, Make Me Proud, The Motto, Take Care
    (This is Drake. Good album with good lyrics, good music, and good hits. But this is where he begins to depart for me as he’s leaving his underground sound/roots for commercial success. Like he’s literally saying “take care and so long”. I feel people just like it because of Drake being drake and how much we respect him for his earlier music.)

    Nothing Was The Same: Started from the bottom, All me
    (certainly isn’t the same Drake but he still has good production and the music is appealing but just not as appealing and interesting as it was before. He does not have to work as hard anymore and he knows it. He can sell off his swag vs music. Being signed to Young Money doesn’t help either.)

    Relax I’m not saying I stopped liking drake or anything. I still bump Drake, his music is good, All me is hot but it falls short from what I expect from Drake trynna go hard (like I know he can!) But anyways I can guarantee Kendrick’s next album gonna be untouchable..

  • Daddy Cane

    ^^ LMAO. You should be embarrassed you know that much about Drake and admit it.

  • truth

    ^^ Don’t know much about Drake.. I just know the music he puts out. As well as other rap artists and their music. I listen to a lot of music and this is a music blog my dude

  • j

    discussing all these other rappers but its sean who killed this shit?

  • plot right

    Shawn Chrystopher is a better version of Big Sean than Big Sean.

  • dramadan

    y’all analogies to the nba are retarded. hahahaha. y’all hella simple.

    how is Kendrick Lamar like Kobe after ONE studio ALBUM?! Lmao, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Not that Kendrick sucks, he has a lot of potential, but those two career arcs are not even comparable. He’s a Kevin Durant at this point. Kanye would be Kobe. He’s the older cat with all the rings. I can see Lebron and Drake comparisions. Sensitive, collaboration heavy, and some good accomplishments under their career at a young age. Lil Wayne, to me, if we’re going off of skill and career arc is like a Gary Payton. Came out raw and gully, burned out in a flame of fire.

    Andre 3000, changing sports, would be Barry Sanders because he’d be the GOAT but left the game prematurely with too much still in the tank.

    I’d keep going but this is stupid.

  • testicles

    Doesn’t matter if you like the guy or not, he’s killing the game right now. He’s no goat, not yet at least.

  • HHH

    Drake is a priviledged actor rappin/singing about how he’s so bored with being rich and fucking hot bitches. That’s his struggle. He made a song called Started From The Bottom which mocks those who really struggle. What’s the bottom to Drake…being wheelchair Drizzy and wishing he was a rapper? Drake is the McDonalds of the rap game. Artificial shit in a fancy box and y’all eat it up cuz of the logo. And he’s on YM. Yeah…

  • ajay ali

    Hov = Jordan. Kanye = Kobe. Drake = Lebron. Kendrick = Durant. Eminem = Steve Nash

    hahaha that actually made sense….although to me kendrick is more like kobe but durant makes sense since hes the next biggest thing

  • 90’s hoppin’

    Only Drake’s music gets this much arguments. Admit it, the guy’s appealing in many ways.

  • Master Lee

    Alright this is the last NBA argument I’m doing. I’m leaving Pac and Big out of this. Eminem is Jordan. Em has sold more records than any rapper in history. Jay is Kobe. Kanye is Shaq. He’s wild. Nas is Tim Duncan. He’s a legend no matter what. Drake is LeBron. Cole is Durant. Kendrick is Melo. There on the come up. Everyone is hall of famers. I think that’s fair. I’m done. lol

  • j

    fuck the nba. this song is dope, minus 2 chainz. I like that sean switches it up.

  • albanyNY

    sean snapped…..

  • Nameless

    ya’ll are all wrong. Cole = Javale McGee haha

  • Datnbakid

    Lol at first I was a lil annoyed at all the nba references but I guess imma have fun n contribute too.
    First off Hov is KOBE- the old nigga in the game who refuses to retire but still killing it
    Kanye is Dwade purely because of chicago (couldnt find any similarities with players lol)
    Couldnt find a comparison for Cole
    Drake is Lebron – Killing the new generation and very versatile (singing and rapping)
    Kendrick is Kyrie – The young nigga thats on the rise and shocking/embarrassing everyone
    Wayne is Iverson – used to murder the game but became washed up
    Eminem is Bird of course – The best white dude to ever do it lol
    2chainz – Javale – for obvious reasons
    Big Sean is Deron Williams cuz he changes up his game so much and is sorta inconsistent but has madd potential (minus Detroit)

  • marty mcfly

    Rappers aint fucking basketball players. The metaphor dont really work.

  • suOthag0d

    was big sean dissing robb bank$ at the end of his verse . . . ?

  • Lance Geneva

    I like how HHH is telling us WHY we like Drake.. The last time I checked, I have my own reasons for listening to him.. He’s raw lol