Ras Kass & Louie Rubio – Drop No Evil (FreEP)

blame it on Shake August 2, 2013

As an official follow-up to 2012’s Spit No Evil, Ras Kass joins forces with Doc Hollywood’s Louie Rubio for the second installment in the No Evil Trilogy. Stream/download below.

DOWNLOAD: Ras Kass & Louis Rubio – Drop No Evil

  • jus10

    Nice surprise! Spit No Evil was great. The production and Ras’ verses. Not really a fan of Doc Hollywood’s rapping. But if this is anything like the first project I’ll enjoy it. Check it out tonight after work.

  • jus10

    Slow day at work, so I’m checking it out now. So far, I’m kinda on the fence with this project. I’m glad it’s strictly Ras spitting, but there’s something off about this whole thing. Maybe I’m just tired of the same ol’ Ras sound. Constant tracks about girls and doing drugs (mostly) and how fly Ras is. Normally I would embrace this, but I’m ready for Ras to move on and try something new. And the production is a mixed bag. Some tracks have a great vibe, but other tracks feel like there is simply to much going on.

  • jus10

    …although I do like that rebelious vibe I’m getting on tracks like Riot Gear and Great Recession. This EP is growing on me, but still not 100% behind it yet. I guess I just prefer something more like “Sushi”.

  • Jus10

    FUCK IT! Bring on the next installment! lol

    I probably sound bi-polar with all these comments I’ve left over the past 24+ hours, but this project “Drop No Evil” has really taken a hold of me. The only real problem I have is the throwaway chorus on “Riot Gear”. Other than that, this shit rocks! Can’t wait to hear what the final track morphs into. This EP has a home on my iPod. Thanks Ras.

    +++++++C NO EVIL+++++++

  • PROVEN805

    I like Ras’s style with these beats. Reminds me of what he did with 12th planet. Ras GAS!!!!