Andre 3000 Says He’s Dropping A Solo Album Early 2014…

blame it on Shake August 3, 2013

As a self-proclaimed Outkast Stan, I know all about the roller coaster of a trip Andre 3000 has taken his music fans on over the years. But if 3 Stacks’ words — relayed from Stephen G Hill (President of Music Programming and Specials for BET Networks) who talked to him backstage last night at the Washington, D.C. stop of the Amerika’s Most Wanted Tour — hold true, we’re looking at a new solo album at at the top of the year.

Hip Hop Gods… please make this happen.

  • brite

    Yeah and Jay Electronica has a triple album featuring the ghosts of Biggie & Pac on 13 tracks.

    • DaSh

      Comment of the year ^

  • ^Lolz.

  • Also, this better had come to fruition!

  • Daddy Fat Sacks

    As long as it doesn’t get pushed back further than “Detox”, I’m excited about it. Can’t wait.

  • kennyis22

    And Detox is coming shortly after.

  • Che

    Play with your own squishy

  • brad stevens

    and you people actually believe its coming out then? okay…

  • Lance Geneva

    I’m down for whatever he’s tryna do, I just hope he raps more than he did on “The Love Below”.. He killed “Sorry”..

  • yardman

    niggaz quick to refute, you never know.

  • negrodamus


  • dramadan

    he made the movie he’s been dying to make for years now with the hendrix movie finally done and being screened soon.

    i can see him returning to music now. he did talk about releasing an album last year from his own mouth…he seems past an outkast reunion though…but I’d prefer a solo Andre album in all honesty. I feel like he has too much to say after all this time to share an album with big boi.

    even if this isn’t true, just the thought of it makes me excited.

  • JML

    first time I’ve seen no dislikes

  • noaway

    yeah, right…

  • ?

    Heard it will drop on the same day as Detox..

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Sure you are Andre…

  • marty mcfly

    It hope its his first hip hop solo album and not some Love Below part 2 shit. Singing is ok but people wanna hear this nigga rapping not signing high notes in a Nicki Minaj neon colored wig, diaper and astronaut boots.

  • ChristyCoolCat

    Whatever he does or doesn’t do will be original. Love them both (A3K and Big Boi) and am one of the few people (I know, I know) that actually liked The Love Below album. It wasn’t street, it was heart and at some point they’re the same thing right? Something that comes from a place that you’ve lived and emotion. This is music to my ears and I HOPE that it’s real. I will buy anything he puts out for the rest of my life…same w/Big Boi. These two revolutionized the game!

  • j

    Don’t too hype 2DBZ, I’m happy too, but I can’t help but thinking this is a wind up. And if 3K’s making an album that sounds like Jimi Hendrix or some shit instead of 3K, it’s probably a 3K album I don’t want to hear…

  • zlbMrOG

    Happy fingers crossed and very skeptical BUT it would be nice for this one to drop (do we even want Detox anymore???)…..hope whatever drops (if drops) is some fire. His verse on Pink Matter is still fresh a funk.

  • 128

    I will believe it when I can hear it. Still don’t think it will be as good as SLLF unless he warp backs to 96-98 Andre, you Dre stans are still sleeping on that album.

  • It will be great if he actually drops something, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m sure it will be original either way.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Dont hold your breath. But I do feel this is much more realistic than an Outkast album at points…

  • subject_90

    I have a feeling its gunna be rock influenced if it drops, because of the Jimmy Hendrix Flick… “soundtrack”?

  • djangochained

    I’d prefer an Outkast reunion nahmean

  • dEt0X2010

    people like andre 3000, jay electronica, and dr dre better drop their albums soon, because they are becoming really irrelevant…

  • Bout damn Time

  • Demonhunter

    I can hear the album being really repetitive with his flow, I hope he switches it up. Him and BB compliment each other very well. Though, I’m sure he’s been building ideas for a while. There must be some reason it’s taken 10 years for new records.

  • Mic1s

    andre 3000 is by far the most overrated rapper of all times… how the fuck is he in the same category as nas jayz big and pac and eminem?? outkast is one of the best groups ever but andre as a solo artist doesnt have the material to be placed there… he has lots of classic verses but so does

  • jus10

    Andre just set a new record for 2DBZ ratings. Never has anyone gotten such high ratings with such little hate. A true legend only builds anticipation through the years of hiatus, all others dissipate in the silence.

  • UK Man

    I’d love to hear it, but it won’t happen. And if it does, I doubt it’ll be the hip hop album we all want to hear. After making the Jimi movie, he’s probably hyped up with that style of music and we’ll have to endure a rock album from him like Lil’ Wayne’s horrendous effort.

  • Sticky

    hell a new deltron album is coming after over a decade, anything is possible I guess…except Detox that shit is never dropping

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