• grapedrank

    this dude is dusted. get him the fuck outta here.

  • LordTariq

    Huge disappointment..all this time off and this is what you bring to the table son?! Go paint a house or get a job at the post office son...

  • coolcat

    oh baraka, like mortal kombat..this nigga sucks.

  • horrible

    That was really awkward.

  • http://antyon.tumblr.com antyon

    what the fuck is this lol

  • QZA

    hahaha @horrible... nailed it

  • http://www.youngmoneyforwhat.com youngmoneyforwhat

    he put a young money tatt on his chest damn son is losing

  • bongwater

    poverty video

    poverty rap

  • and that YM tat. cmon dawg

    can't look at a nigga the same after you seen him and his pops on reality shows. this shit bangs though, I like it

  • jaydeeboy

    where is this guys shirt

  • Peter Gunz

    My son was kidnapped by a druggie cult. Please help me get him back. I think he might have been butt raped after taking molly. Someone tell him we miss him back home

  • T9FTW

    The budget was $3 tops!