And Now, The Best Thing I've Seen Today: The Manning Bros.' "F.O.Y.P." (Video)

This by far trumps every single piece of music that's been on the site today, which is no easy feat as there have been some good tunes that have come out in the last few hours. Just press play, and enjoy.

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  • yooo

    fuck football

  • Fish

    "Who cares, he's dead" *Classic*

  • 1

    it says football on your phone (F.O.Y.P) not football your on phone (F.Y.O.P)

  • LOUD

    This is strictly for real niggas only

  • Eli

    R.I.P. Alexander Graham Bell

  • graf

    "Uh, huh...yeah" ... damnit! this is going to be stuck in my head for a minute now! I was waiting for Adam Samberg and his SNL skit crew boys to join in on the fun at some point. Too funny!