Bone Crusher - Vibration f. Raheem DeVaughn


Holy shit! A Bonecrusher sighting? In 2013? You betcha. Teaming up with 2dope favorite Raheem DeVaughn, the "Never Scared" rapper slows things down on his new Nitto-produced single. No word on if there is an actual project on the way or not though.

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    Dayummmmmn this is one smooth muthafucka!

    Also.... PHURST.

  • Demonhunter


  • Demonhunter

    A wild Bonecrusher appeared.
    It used Scary Face.

  • eYePTyOu

    ^ LMFAO

  • Let this ride next to that new Drake, The Weekend, Kendrick + that Fifty fuck track, get off the net, holla at the weedman and a couple a chics.

  • Clubberer