Mibbs (of Pac Div) Performs "Sexy A.F." at Truth Studios (Video)

While at Truth Studios in Los Angeles, the Pac Div spitter gives a special performance of track-four off his and Scoop DeVille's FREEBASS EP.

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  • Fish

    Mibbs seems to be suffering from Sir Michael Rocks syndrome. You know the syndrome where underground alternative hip-hop artist begin to downgrade themselves in hopes of commercial appeal. I got Pac Div's GMB and not once does Mibbs sound this terrible. I understand this song was just on some chill, non-serious party shit but that whole FREEBASS EP was flat out bad. Once you establish a solid sound in a group it's difficult to craft your own sound after being with other people for so long - but when artist in groups stray solo you start to see who was really the brains behind everything too. It's all love though.

  • brad stevens

    yea i agree. HUGE pac div fan. His last EP was just...not even really music

  • Fish

    @BradStevens yeah it "almost" makes the group looks bad when artist put out horrible solo projects. I say almost because as long as the group work doesn't decline in quality then you can pretty much look past the hiccups of a few crappy solo releases, sort of . . .

  • nito

    Where is be Young's solo effort though?

  • Slim901

    Glad I'm not alone on the opinion of his solo stuff. At least Mikey's decline was over a few mixtapes. Mibbs' tape fell over and died right out the gate.

  • cam

    I for one think Mikey is still dope. But I agree with what yall sayin about Mibbs.

  • 06

    LIKE is hand down the best in Pac Div in my opinion i hope he does a solo project and i agree Mibbs definitely compromised his lyrical integrity on this project...even some of the Div's recent stuff has been meh but overall they are still dope i just think they need to get back on that sealed for freshness/CLC type shit and strictly Swiff D instro's maybe even some thelonious martin


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