Rapsody – She Got Game (Artwork) [2Dope Premiere]

blame it on Meka August 6, 2013

Rap’s Gangsta Grillz-reared mixtape drops August 20th, and the DopeHouse has your first look at its cover art as well as its reasoning:

“In the game of basketball, Cheryl Miller is such an iconic figure because of what she helped do for women in the game. She is one of the players who showed that the girls could play just as well as the guys, and sometimes better. She even played with the USBL for a while, which was a guys league. So, I wanted to recreate this photo as a representation that whether we are talking about the art of rhyme, deejaying, basketball, or medicine, at some point gender shouldn’t matter. In this game no matter what your gender, color, religion or what have you, it should only be about the product; it’s good or it’s not.”

Get your iTunes ready.

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  • realtalk™

    Truthfully the photo isn’t that iconic or recognizable, but I like the story behind it.. and Rapsody is a beast.. looking forward to this tape

  • wat

    The hoop is floating lol

  • wat


  • trufax

    Rapsody is sexy as hell, hands down

  • T9FTW

    *prepares ear for loud talking and yelling over nice tracks*

  • Eb

    Lovin the cameron indoor stadium in background! Rap is puttin NC on the map like never before. Love it!!!

  • Watthafack


  • The Vet

    I ain’t gone lie she looks like D. Wade with a wig on .. She’s dope though.

  • Lord Quas

    ^ lmaoo D.Wade !! so wrong hahahaha

  • antinerdrap

    This is for those rap nerds shes is corny.

  • ryuk

    fuck all this “she looks” shit. Youre missing the entire point of what shes representing. missing the entire point of the statment she released WITH the photo.