• realtalk™

    Truthfully the photo isn't that iconic or recognizable, but I like the story behind it.. and Rapsody is a beast.. looking forward to this tape

  • wat

    The hoop is floating lol

  • wat


  • trufax

    Rapsody is sexy as hell, hands down

  • T9FTW

    *prepares ear for loud talking and yelling over nice tracks*

  • Eb

    Lovin the cameron indoor stadium in background! Rap is puttin NC on the map like never before. Love it!!!

  • Watthafack


  • The Vet

    I ain't gone lie she looks like D. Wade with a wig on .. She's dope though.

  • Lord Quas

    ^ lmaoo D.Wade !! so wrong hahahaha

  • antinerdrap

    This is for those rap nerds shes is corny.

  • ryuk

    fuck all this "she looks" shit. Youre missing the entire point of what shes representing. missing the entire point of the statment she released WITH the photo.