Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Debuts #1 on Billboard


As expected, Robin Thicke's new album Blurred Lines -- led by the inescapable single with the same name -- will take the top spot on Billboard this week with 177k sold in it's first seven days on shelves. I wonder if Wayne Gretzky, who once babysat an 11-year-old Robin the night he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings, is gonna help celebrate?

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  • Mt

    I bet your dumb ass forgot to explain the asterisk after 174k

  • mick

    Considering how much the single sold thats a pretty low number. Plus I see the album is falling fast on itunes. Guess he's a singles seller like so many artists today. I'd rather be an albums seller.

  • dramadan

    ^robin thicke's last album probably didn't even sell 174k total. Hahaha. So, it's all cake for him. He's never been a massive crossover popstar anyways. Congrats to Mr. Thicke.

  • realtalk™

    ^but this album definitely is crossover popstar (sellout) material.. guess that's why it's his best selling one

  • MewLover34

    But if it's also his best album quality wise, he's not a fucking sellout.
    Doris 8/20

  • dranadan

    How exactly did he sell out? Robin Thicke didn't have a marketing machine behind him like say a Justin Timberlake. That song Blurred Lines jus naturally caught fire with people. It was out for two months before people caught on to it. I mean, it's a Marvin Gaye sample and has a jazz and soul sound to it, It's just fun and lighthearted lyrically. How's that selling out? Just because its commercially successful doesn't mean it's a sellout song. So let the man enjoy his money now. I didn't like the album too much but it's not much different from his other albums in terms of production.

  • Lago

    Robin Thicke is everything EXCEPT a sellout. If you listened to his his past ALBUMS (instead of just the singles) you'd know that this is his normal sound. Folks are just finally catching on.

  • nahmean

    this guy is a Cunning linguist piece of turd

  • fuck

    this dude is the 2 chainz of blue-eyed soul

  • herry

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  • cunnnning

    stop hatin.. jt career was built on TIMBALAND production... and he bitin thicke stlyle..


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