Cee-Lo Green Speaks On Andre 3000’s Return

blame it on Shake August 8, 2013

After answering a question from Fat Joe (the Gangster) during his time on RapFix Live yesterday alongside his Goodie Mob comrades, Cee-Lo speaks on Andre 3000’s rumored return.

He just said he had a severe case of stage fright and just kind of been away from the game and didn’t know if he could truly live up — ah, I just feel like I’m talking to much personal stuff. I hope he don’t mind.

He just said he was bothered by this bar that had been set and maybe he wants to do something different, and he’ll always be his worse competition, his worse critic and maybe he don’t want to live up to what people think he should do. He’s always been exceptional and ahead of his time anyway, so anything he decides to do, next year or the year after that, we’ll still be catching with what’s on his mind.

Earlier this week, the blogosphere caught fire when BET’s Stephen Hill said 3 Stacks told him he had an album dropping early 2014. Since then, a rep for Dre wouldn’t confirm the info with Billboard, leaving long-time fans down and out once again. Not all hope is lost though, as Big Gipp chimed in and said that’s just how Andre 3000 does things. Whenever the press says something, Dre will deny everything… wanting to keep the element of surprise up his sleeve.

Hope is still alive.

  • A looooong time ago I would have cared but, Andre has at least given us a healthy catalog of music and other forms of entertainment. If he never releases another album I’m absolutely fine with that. At this point I’m a over 30 Hip Hopper and of course I’m kinda set in the era of music that got me listening to it. I wish him the best in whatever he does. I am disappointed with the guy he shares a baby mother with because fans of that artist have heard since early 2008 that he’d release an actual body of work. I had to convince myself I’d given up on him until the end of last year when no music appeared. At that point I just became disgusted with that artist. I’ve listened to the 2 or 3 verses he’s released thus far for 2013 and I’m not impressed or care anymore. After waiting for 5 years and growing more in to Adulthood and taking on grown man responsibilities, I just don’t care. These artist have fans that really look forward to their artistic work. Who’s to say T. Martin wasn’t a fan & unfortunately never got to hear his favorite musicians album because they kept giving B.S. excuses for releasing it, yet promising to deliver said project over and over again. Now that young man is gone. I don’t wish this artist ANY ill will but, don’t be surprised if the buzz you once had is no longer there because of whatever personal or business “issues” you were dealing with outside of incarceration or health problems that kept you from recording to good music and allowing it to be heard.