Drop City Yacht Club – Crickets (rmx) f. T.I. & Jeremih [2Dope Premiere]

blame it on Illy August 8, 2013

The trio’s latest video has just under 2 million views on YouTube and it looks like the boys are looking to make the number even bigger. Drop City Yacht Club recruit T.I. on the remix to their latest single “Crickets” featuring Jeremih. Their Crickets EP is available now.

  • Lord Quas

    this song been on the radio for months in Cali without T.I.

    They should just call it a remix

    The Freshmen >>> btw

  • Kd


  • L.A.

    is that THX the producer in the middle? dude made some of Thurz’ illest tracks. ie, dope

  • Walnuts

    Rap will soon be like Rock n Roll: a sea of white faces performing an art form they didn’t create. White rappers are not an inherent evil. There are great white rappers (see: EL-P, Shady, Action Bronson, Ill Bill, etc) but its too many corny, wonder bread ones whose talent and creativity gets blown way out of proportion, while more talented, in-ttouch-with-the-culture (see: Black)ones don’t get recognized nor have financial success in the industry. And these wack muhfuckas seem to be more and more prevalent and 2DBZ seems to promote the shit out of them, Along with any mainstream music label/radio station). I know this is just a music blog, mot necessarily a “hip hop” website, but this shit don’t belong on a site with its name taken from one of the greatest HIP-HOP songs of all time. And before you say I didn’t listen and just judged it by the cover and features, I DL’ed The Freshman mix tape over a year ago, and listened to this single, and found both severly lacking. More hip-POP than anything else. ATTENTION: T.I., I know your label prolly pushed you into this, but pls next time, save your Anglo-friendly features for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Shady, or even Robun Thicke (see: real talent). ATTENTION: Jeremih…this is what to be expected from you so I can’t be too mad.

  • yung

    ^T.I. is independant now. no one pushed him into this fool

  • Walnuts


    Well then he’s fucking up period. But don’t think Atlantic had no part in this.