What Does Pusha T Think of Kanye West Joining Drake at OVO Fest?

blame it on Shake August 8, 2013

Earlier this week, Kanye West joined Drake onstage at the fourth annual OVO Fest. And considering Pusha T’s past issues with Drake, people were curious to hear his thoughts on his G.O.O.D. Music boss befriending his rival. Having the question pop up during a chat with RevoltTV, Pusha says he’s “cool with it” and hopes the meeting is good for hip hop and that they make great music together.

I wonder if any lines aimed at Drake were asked to be removed during Kanye’s last-minute overhaul of Pusha T’s upcoming album, My Name Is My Name?

  • Yeezus

    they were, that’s why it was pushed backed.

  • iAmRafy

    He didn’t seem overly enthused.

  • tew

    pusha is a coward. never stands behind his words. always deny shit and talking in circles.

  • pick

    it just sucks that one of the best lyricists we’ve seen in the last couple of years has no REAL control over his career

  • chubby

    …dude album is never coming out. damn shame.

  • To be honest I think a lot of this is just exaggerated by the media, just like the animosity between drake and everyone else, between jayz and everyone else, etc. It’s competition, its your fuckin job to want to be on top-but that doesn’t mean there’s any personal aggression.

    There’s videos of drake idolizing clispe and pusha has said he thinks drake has been killin it lately. other than that, of course everyone wants to prove they should be in the top spot. If they don’t, they shouldn’t bother

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  • mandingo jamal

    damn he backed down like a little bitch. i thought this was one of the only real niggas left in the game, but i was wrong about that. drake wins this battle.

  • Gifts

    This isn’t the old days where being signed to the same label was like being in a family and everyone had each other’s back. Even if it was some lame, stupid beef you could always count on your labelmates. Today it’s all about your own personal brand and sharing the spotlight.

  • It’s the spirit of competition with Pusha. He never had any real issues with Drake, and even list Drake on his top 5 rappers list.

    As far as My Name is My Name goes, my guess is Def Jam fear is his album won’t generate any numbers b/c his singles haven’t taken off (Numbers on the Board or Who I Am). So they’re holding off on release it while Kanye tries to find the perfect record for Pusha to use as a single.

    But it’s gotta be eating Pusha T up that Big Sean and 2 Chainz will both drop their sophomore albums before he drops his debut.