Saturday Night Sexy: Charm Killings pt.2

blame it on Illy August 10, 2013

Twitter: @charmkillings/Instagram: charmkillings

Second time’s a charm? We sure believe so. The Portuguese/African American/German vixen Charm Killings once again shows out for Saturday Night Sexy. Check her out underneath.

charm-killings_01 charm-killings_02 charm-killings_03 charm-killings_04 charm-killings_05 charm-killings_06 charm-killings_07
  • mineisbigger

    man those legs!!!

  • Famous

    but she got them horse legs.

  • 4sho

    Nice.. any muhfucka complaining about her legs is homo..

  • melike

    ^dude complaining about her legs deserves a sex change;niggaz would fund it for him, fuckin disgrace.
    anyway, this is one of the baddest 2dopeboyz has shown me

  • Adi


  • who cares

    Still a baddie, but the other pics were better. Oh and Famous is trippin’. Those legs are beyond sexy.

  • melike

    EDIT: @whocares , thanks for the reccomendation, yup the first set was better.
    my comment for the first set is the same as @Adi

  • polo hova

    3 people clicked no is obviously gay

  • drake

    I hit nope, because i think she could do better, shes better than this.

  • meatboy

    This girl is a cheeseburger away from being a lardass.

    I know black dudes like fat girls, so it doesn’t surprise me that some of y’all are into it, but c’mon. Have any of you ever actually been in a relationship with a girl? I don’t mean a little 3 month thing. I mean, have you ever lived with a girl?

    A girl like this would put on 5-10 lbs over the holidays and look like a fat girl.

    Date athletic broads, fellas. Juicy asses and no weight gain.

  • Check

    Portuguese/African American/German.


  • nuff


  • will

    She is alright nothing but the average mulatto girl we see in all the rap videos. Hispanics think she is one of them lol just because the bitch light do not make her latin lol.

  • Kid

    Will you are so right, when they see average blacks they look at them as African. If they are mixed they indoctrinate them as hispanic, because of their look not realizing you have blacks who are hispanic like me who look nothing like the mixed blacks, lol and they do not believe me until I speak spanish, I am from PR.

  • Mike

    Average mixed chick and since when was German separate from Portugese both are white. In other words it should be titled African and European chick. The reason why is, because genetically this hybrid has various African identities along with some Native ancestry. I bet that more than likely stems from here African American side.

  • Trizzy

    Fuck I’ve been trying to find the name of this chick since I saw her on the Eastside Moonwalker music video… Thank you.

  • “The Portuguese/African American/German vixen” sounds like a science experiment lol. She type bad doooooeee

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  • airrboii

    looks like Rachel Starr

  • Sherly

    Shake, please stop these posts.

    thank you,

    2DopeBoyz Community

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