• Cam

    Ashanti still thick tho...

  • T9FTW

    I'm sorry, but does anyone care about either of them anymore?

  • Demonhunter

    Ashanti is still packing ASS!

  • DJ Khaleds A&R

    lol hip hop is so funny now people hate 50 so much their gonna become ja fans to just piss 50 and his fans off

  • ETCC

    anybody knows where i can get his cap?

  • http://www.thechronic.co.uk TheChronic

    Haha Ja Rule been pumpin them prison weights, Aalyah still fly as ever

  • triPAUD

    @Khaled's a&r lol thats how 50 got in there in the first place, everyone hated ja so much 50 just capitalized on that.

  • tew

    ashanti was not on put it on me

  • er

    @DJ Khaleds A&R uhh thats how 50 got on

  • CU.

    Why is this nigga still making music?!?...

  • b ali

    Sadly, no fucks were given.