Big Sean - Control f. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica (prod. No I.D.)

blame it on Meka August 12, 2013
bigsean-kdot-jayelect copy

Now this is a nice way to end your day or night. According to Sean, this track doesn't make the final cut on his upcoming Hall of Fame drop due to sample clearance issues. SHAKE UPDATE: Explicit/CDQ added.

And let's just say Kendrick set social media ablaze this evening with a few note-worthy lines. Starting with a self-proclamation that is bound to ruffle some feathers, the Compton emcee states “I’m Makaveli’s offspring/ I’m the King of New York/ King of the coasts/ One hand, I juggle them both."

Followed shortly by a series of bars that leaves no room for misunderstanding... when it comes to this rap shit, Kendrick is out to kill anyone that stands in his way. And that goes for all his homies as well, from J. Cole to Drake.

I’m usually homeboys with the same ni**as I’m rhymin’ with/ But this is hip-hop and them ni**as should know what time it is. And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T, Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Big Sean, Jay Electron, Tyler, Mac Miller/ I got love for you all, but I’m tryna murder you ni**as/ Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you ni**as/ They don’t wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you ni**as.”

Kendrick (solo)

As expected, artists are beginning to share their responses. Most are just Twitter updates, but so far Joell Ortiz, B.o.B and Fred the Godson have offered actual musical responses.

  • jaymes

    the kid gix

  • RSX

    Kendrick left urine stains, dookie stains, period stains, and semen stains across the rap game with this verse.

  • droolboyU

    kendrick..the growth from KLEP to the best rapper on the planet..daps

  • Chuck

    nice. No I.D. on the beat?


    All Hail the King: JAY ELECT

  • WitnessGreatness

    what kendrick just did to this beat shouldnt be considered legal in most states. This dude just BODIED this shit. Conjured his inner Eminem and just dismantled, disfigured and disassembled every rapper out with that verse. Dude is on the first 48 after that shit.

  • T9FTW

    :-D. That is all.

  • Shaboy


  • T9FTW

    Yes, Chuck, this is a No I.D.. Meka should probably add that to the title.

  • Aubrey

    Kendrick Lamar just made me wanna quit rapping entirely.

  • almighty

    k. dot and the illustrious one jay elec merkd it!! wonder the track didnt make it big seans album.

  • samMFarmstrong

    kendrick killin

  • SE7AL

    Verse of the year goes to Jay Electronica. It took a valiant effort to top Kendrick's verse but Jay's lyrics are just in another league. The best second place finish I've heard on a record in a long time. Sean should of done whatever it takes to get this on the album

    • K. R. Muhammad

      I couldn't have said it better myself!!
      Kendrick's verse and hotfire, no diggity.
      But, as a "Old" 40+ hip hop head, to hear a 'ol n***a follow up that young lion, and bring a tear to my eye while doing it!

  • 5Ft.Deep

    Definitely need this in CDQ

  • prez

    everybody wants to act like Big Sean didnt come correct on this. Obviously he got outshined but gotta give respect where respect is due. dude did his thing. track is an absolutely PROBLEMMMMM thought. Im preparing myself for a blown out speaker in the whip already. #TURNDOWN4WHAT

  • Demonhunter

    Deleting Big Yawns verse.

  • RSX

    Sean > Jay on this, what y'all listening to?

  • PraiseRZA

    why don't you do whatever you have to to get this on the album? like does a chris brown hook replace this?

  • ThatDude

    What they should have done was drop the sample so this shit could be on ol' sissy boy's album

  • Jordan

    Jay Electronica > . Everything else sounded like rambling.

  • Quickstrike

    Crazy thing Kendrick verse is a flip of parts of Sean's verse. Thank you rap gods we needed this. "New nigga just new niggas don't get involved".BODIED!

  • Wha?!

    You gotta relisten to Sean's verse especially after listening to Kendrick's and Jay Elect's just to make sure he came correct and he def did. I'm glad he did too because I've been a fan of him since UKNOWBIGSEAN and have read the hate he receives -- some warranted. That being said Kendrick and Jay Elect were craaaaazy too haha.

  • lp

    Lol kendrick & jay elect made big sean look pitiful.. Jay's verse was incredible, but kendrick just passed everyone in the game.. enough said.

  • Alan

    Breaking news Kendrick has locked up for killing the rap game.

  • They all came correct but THANK YOU Kendrick for lighting a fire under these dudes' asses; hopefully these new rappers will take it to heart and step up their game. No more wack rappers!! Bring back lyricism!

  • dramadan

    I thought all three killed it in their respective ways. Big Sean on some I made it shit, Kendrick on his king of the hill tip, and Jay Electronica on some poetic prophetic shit.

    my favorite verse was Electronica's personally because that was from the heart to me. "I endured a lot of pain for everything that I got. The eyelash is like an umbrella when it rains from the heart. And the tissue is like an angel kissing you in the dark. You go from blind sight to hindsight." Beautiful line.

  • efalk

    lol @ anyone that is saying jay elec had the best verse. GTFOH, king kendrick just murdered the rap game once again.




    @efalk Lyrically Kendrick didn't do anything spectacular. Sounds like a normal Kendrick verse with a little more anger and aggression. God forbid someone doesn't deep throat a Kendrick verse.

  • mmn

    Kendrick overrated, his flow is nothing special and his voice is annoying. He got lyrics though.

  • ear2ear

    Eminem fans will eat up Kendrick's verse and 3000/Mos Def fans will eat up Electronica's. And Big Sean did his thing man...everyone just wants to throw him out of equation but his verse was nice too great song.

  • MusicHead

    Kendrick been the best overall rapper alive since Section 80 dropped...Ive been saying this.. & he gon continue to be the best.

    • G

      My thoughts exactly. Ppl must've been sleep

  • Yaki

    Should've saved K. Dot for last. #destruction

  • nlo

    Anyone else think K Dot's aggression was a little forced here?


  • Gersh Thompson

    Everybody should assess their careers after hearing kdots verse

  • RaZor Ramon

    Hey, what's the sample used in this song? Anyone know?

  • JHP

    Anyone who says Jay Elec's verse was better than K-Dot's is just dickriding him because he's Jay Electronica. Don't get me wrong, he smashed this record too, his lyricism is amazing. But my honest opinion hearing his verse after Kendrick was that the verse feels like an afterthought. Kendrick's verse is like when a movie's at it's climax, and Elec's verse was like the actual conclusion which is still pleasant, but not the most memorable part of the movie. As for you niggas that don't wanna Sean credit, he went in too, y'all just hating on him by default because he's Sean, he may have gotten outshined but that doesn't mean his verse was whack.

    • menstrualmafia


  • Z

    Anybody notice Kanye wasnt even mentioned??! We all know whats gonna be in his next rant lol

  • Qz

    Kendrick got twitter going crazy.. Joey badass really took offense lol.. & Lupe: "Y'all know y'all easily impressed. Bar so low you need a shovel to get at it."

    This marks the shift in Hip Hop

  • ear2ear

    @JHP lol so thinking that Jay Elect's verse was better than Kendrick's imo makes ME the dickrider where as you refuse to accept that some people may prefer it over Kendrick's? Ironic how you yourself come off as the ultimate dickrider as you call others dickriders. hahaha. Kendrick was good but I don't buy this boasting/rough voiced flow from him as much as I buy Electronica's verse. Sue me.

  • Will

    K Dot killed his verse

  • Mike Tomlin

    Unreal bars.

  • Rashad

    Jay Electronica's verse made me think more.

  • ‘sheed

    on the first listen, I like Jay Elec's verse better than Kendrick. Neither verse is better than the other. They're too different to compare directly like that. Kendrick went hard and aggressive; Jay went with poetic and lyrical. I'm in a bit of a more chill vibe right now so I'm feelin' Jay's verse but when I'm tryna get hype, I'll probably feel Kendrick's more. And the explicit version needs to be released ASAP. Messing up Kendrick's flow and shit.

    And also, damn, I know Kendrick ain't the only one doing this but I feel like everybody gives Andre 3000 his props but not Big Boi. Sir Lucious is DOPE and deserves to be recognized on the same plane as MCs to look up to.

  • The Vet

    It's not what he said on the verse that has folks hype, it's what he did within the verse. He said he's the king of New York (he's not from New York), so he's taking shots at all NY artist. He told damn near all of the big names at the moment including the ones on the track with him that he's basically trying to make them nonexistent. "Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you niggas. Where they dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you niggas." He called them out and basically said they aren't competition to him, as if he doesn't have any, hence the "What is competition?" after saying all of that. He then proceeded with the calling them out by following what's was said with "Who tryna jump and get it?".

  • Brody912

    RIP rap game 08/12/13

  • The Vet

    *what was said

  • Mike Ho

    Man Fuk Kendrick Lamar dude spit like a bitch! Big Sean suck to!

  • hova scotia

    its the zombie apocalypse, all you niggas have short term memory and will forget this in a week, go to sleep, its called control; mission complete

  • jermaine2121

    holy shit - kendrick. ....jesus.

  • P

    Sample clearance my ass...Sean didn't want the masses to hear him get destroyed like that on his own album

  • Mac Dre

    Shake or Meka, any chance for a download link?

  • LZ


  • AmazinFlyinBrick

    Wtf Jay? Features for Mac and Sean, but a solo anything is out of the question, not even another song demo? Regardless... dope record, Sean wasn't bad on this, Jay wrecked it and K.Dot bodied it, he should've went last.

  • who cares

    LMAO! I wasn't gonna press play because Sean is whack as fuck, but I skipped over to Kendrick's verse to see what ya'll were raving about. Way to over-hype the fuck out of a verse. Shit is average at best. Ya'll saying that it's dope because he called out big names and said he's better than them. Well no shit! He called out a bunch of weak ass "rappers" so no duh he's better than them. Meek Mill, Cole, Wale, Pusha T, Drake, A$AP, Big Sean, Tyler, Mac Miller. All a bunch of cornball pop artists. Call me when he does something like this and calls out real emcees. Oh, and he said Em and Hov are two of the best alive so that alone makes the entire verse invalid. I appreciate the energy in the verse, but the content was weak and ya'll know it.

  • marty mcfly

    @The Vet, Kendrick kept it friendly. Its not like he straight up said fuck all you niggas on some real shit. The song is cool though, one of those good ol just kill shit just to kill shit type records. DOPE. Oh yeah where is that fucking Jay Electronica album already? At this point its like a necessary element in hip hop. Just sayin

  • marty mcfly

    And Pusha T just might drop a solid album so I hear Kendrick but Pusha does kinda have some skills and anybody who says Drake aint competition? I mean its easy to say but alot harder to prove artistically.

  • Juicy-G

    Kendrick's verse was rappity rap, it was a great verse but you when you break it down it's like meh...Mr. Electronica on the other hand >>>>>>>>> he won me over. They all did great though.


  • Shawn

    K. Dot just pulled a "How to Rob the Industry". Nice track.

  • Rodoggy

    @who cares I can tell your an old backpacker. GTFO.

  • The Vet

    @whocares yeah he said Em and Hov are the best but he also said he was the king of Hov's state or did you miss that part? And it doesn't matter who he called out, he called out the biggest names in the Hip Hop community as of today, pop artist or not they're hot in the Rap/Hip Hop world; facts are facts. @Marty I agree & yeah this is the perfect time for Jay Elect to stop bullshittin' with that album.

  • kendrick hasn't impressed me in a song since his first verse on cartoon and cereal... but that's just me. it's good that he's going at other rappers as a form of competition though.

  • Dre

    Kendrick lame as fuck. Jay Elect > Kendrick.. Anyday



  • TopDawgSoldier

    El Pueblo unido jamas sera vencido......
    K.Dot Killin' the game. WESTCOAST!!!

  • alex h

    Good to see Kendrick showed respect to Cudder cause every nigga he named is wack as fuck compared to Cudi.

  • Brandon

    Just became a Jay Electronic fan

  • Brandon

    Jay Electronica verse > TDE

  • Kd

    The rap world hail King Kendrick Lamar.

  • fuckhateonelove

    WHOO! Needed this shit!

  • truthhensley

    Kendrick spit the verse of the summer DAMN

  • pILLpusha

    Dang, this came outta left field!! Glad Big Sean released it. Jay Electricity tho!!

  • pILLpusha

    Dang, this came outta left field! Glad Big Sean released it. Jay Electricity tho!

  • pILLpusha

    Dang, this came outta left field! Glad Big Sean released it. Jay Electricity tho!!

  • marty mcfly

    Last point i'll make is when Kendrick said the names Big Krit, Pusha T, Wale, Meek Mill, Drake, Jay Elec... to make his rhyme and then people mention artists that are "pop" in hip hop? These MCs mite be "pop"-ular but they dont make "pop" music. Pop music does not sound like the current state of hip hop. I hear people saying there are rappers that are pop and I know what they mean but musically though pop music sounds alot different then rap music. Its not too many rappers making Lady Gaga and Katy Perry sounding rap songs. Nicki Minaj is about the closest that a rapper from this era comes to making pop music type sounding shit. I know some people dont like the way hip hop sounds theses days but pop music? I wouldn't say it sounds like that though.

    • Boom

      Tell you get it. Rap music aint sounding the way its supposed to be. I support you bro

  • cud life

    Shit weak. Wake me when MOTM 3 drops.

  • dumbass niggas

    @alex h

    he respects him as artist & is a fan of cudi is not hip hop he is his own genre & he's not a "new nigga" why would he mention him? anyways jay electronica had the best verse.

  • Yungstar

    NO I.D.?!?!? REALLY SON!!! **Throws MPC Away**


  • M-P

    Sean Don should have fought for this track to make the official tracklisting-Epic record yo-and just when I thought there wasn't another Saiyan level K. Dot could reach...

  • M-P

    Sean Don should have fought for this track to make the official tracklisting-epic record yo-& just when I thought there wasn't another Saiyan level K. Dot could reach...

  • M-P

    Sean Don should have fought for this track to make the official track listing-epic record yo-& just when I thought there wasn't another Saiyan level K. Dot could reach...

  • M-P

    Sean Don should have fought for this track to make the official track listing-epic record yo-& just when I thought there wasn't another Super Saiyan level K. Dot could reach...

  • M-P

    Sean Don should have fought for this track to make the official track listing-epic record yo-& just when I thought there wasn't another DBZ SS level K. Dot could reach...

  • G-Weed

    J electron was just aight Kendrick murdered tht shit Compton style!Whoop

  • marty mcfly

    jay electronica is overrated as hell. he has average bars but everybody sucks his boner. i dont get it.

  • milly

    lot of dickriders here in c section like usual. jump the kdot bandwagon everyone starting.... NOW! lmfao shit doesnt even flow hes like listing shit randomly. no replayabilty, just fuckbois tryin to gobble kdot again. same shit when gkmc dropped. kdots voice changes and his accents are fucking annoying behind belief. it kills most of his vereses. like i love dude but come the fuck on stop tryin to act like u some illuminati character.

  • Mc

    Makaveli offspring im the king of ny. K dot. Also pac showed big the game hence offspring. Kendrick rediculous. If you don't know by now, your a hater, deaf or dumb.

  • Underlydedicated

    KENDRICK LAMAR DUCKWORTH ...."if he ain't better than Jay , he's the closest one " MY GAWD , side note I've been walking around saying "I don't smoke crack mufucka I sell iiiiit " for the past 3 hours

  • lol

    ^^lmao I thought I was the only who thought that part was funny and random. Kendrick killed it, but his verse it definitely being over hyped because of the name dropping stirring up excitement. And if you listen close to big sean's verse he was responding to kendrick's verse, meaning he probably heard kendricks verse and re wrote his lmao
    "Im over niggas sayin they the hottest(Kendrick) then run to the hottest nigga just to stay hot(drake)"...."im the hottest cuz I flame drop, drop fire, and not because IM NAME DROPIN", "an I aint taking shot from nobody unless they og's"

  • T9FTW

    ^ It's like you're supposed to listen to it backwards. I mean, if you care enough to want to analyze it.

  • AD

    All break it down for ya'll

    Kendrick puts himself in the same league as the top selling / grammy winning rappers of the last ten years, then name drops a lil bit, also some funny voices and a lindsey lohan reference....

    and then Jay Electronica spits this:

    Draw a line around some Earth,Annotate then put my name on the plot
    Cause I endured a lot of pain for everything that I got
    The eyelashes like umbrellas when it rains from the heart
    And the tissue is like an angel kissin you in the dark
    You go from blind sight to hindsight, passion of the Christ
    Right, to baskin' in the limelight, it take time to get your mind right
    Jay Electricity, PBS mysteries

  • three

    for everyone who says sean is wack, watch him sell 200,000 easily w/o a smash single. all talent

  • malcyvelli

    I listened to this three times in a row to break it down...

    Sean- Decent, had a moment or 2 where he started to go in somewhat then kinda fell back, the part where he switch the flow with "hall of fame dropping" was his dopest moment

    Kendrick- Not even a question if it was a dope verse, that's undeniable but the real question is "is it as hot as people wanna believe?": I wanna say yes and no, he had his moments of course, I loved the "I don't smoke crack..." line, that shit was hilarious and the calling out of all of his peers was a real unexpected twist, hell he just called out someone else on the same dam song! The best parts were where he mentioned juggling the east and west coast in one hand, that shit was HARD, also the ending where he just mentioned a bunch of bullshit about a plane and cockpit and whatnot, I couldn't catch every single word but I did get the majority and I liked that alot as well,everything else on the verse kinda just seemed to be "rappity rap" as someone else mentioned in the comments but then again this is the appropriate type of track for that, all in all it was probably the best verse of 2013, unquestionably top 3

    Jay- I liked it alot the first listen but it became less and less impressive on the following spins. It was decent, got a little preachy for this particular type of track but I ain't mad at it one bit, definitely a nice verse as well

  • malcyvelli

    @three, numbers don't equal talent, just for using that as a point for your argument sounds hella dumb (not to mention that's even IF he does it)


    operation k dot deep throat... you know why pac was dope? you remembered his lines... you know why big was dope? you remmebed his lines... i aint remember this shit... this is pretencious rap...

    plus, niggas call himself one of the best... he couldn't even fuck with bizzy bone THIS YEAR... kendrick is overrated central... this is the result of a terrible industry which revolves around a hand full of niggas that paid to get their attention. And the fact that k dot calls out sorry ass rappers that ALSO paid to get their attention just shows that he's as caught up in the 10-20 same muthafuckin rappers like the rest of this blog internet rap life shit....

    I'd rather listen to Tim Dog fuck compton, that shit's on any kendrick shit... why? Cause the nigga talking straight, and the energy is hype... this shit... zzzzzzz music.

    But lets get real with it for a sec.... mykah 9ine will shit on kendrick... freestyle fellowship niggas will shit on kendrick... thats REAL L.A. RAP... them niggas will school the shit out of kendrick's overrated ass... ON A FREESTYLE... this nigga k dot "Freestyles" writtens... fuck boy central

    in the words of Tim Dog... FUCK COMPTOM... YEAAAAAAAAHHH

  • SandySupreme

    Kdot snapped! But y'all niggas act like he god or somethin. Y'all ready to jack off to the CDq lol

  • #iii

  • NK

    Soooo... Anybody got a link for this song without Big Sean. Bound to happen.

  • marty mcfly

    @three, the singles were Switch Up, Beware and Fire.

  • ewe

    @Z Kanye is a legend you embicile. He's up there with em pac and jay z, if not higher.

  • Jon

    "I'm important like the Pope, I'm the king of New York
    I'm live from South Central, I'm a Muslim on pork"

    - Kurupt on "Get Bizy"

  • Da Spaniard

    "el pueblo unido jamás será vencido"
    Dope sample

  • DatGuy

    Does flow account for anything nowadays?? Jay Elec has none what so ever..

  • david

    Yeah but Kendrick dissin a bunch of wack rappers on a track is like an average boxer getting in a ring with a bunch of amputees. Mac Miller, ASAP, Big Sean, Drake, Pusha, Tyler etc none of these guys are capable of throwing a punch with any power behind it. Saying he's the King of NY isn't a direct diss to anyone, Slick Rick said 'I own America' and he was born on the other side of the world. I'd like to see him diss Nas, Meth, KRS, Chuck D, BDK, G Rap someone along those lines who is an established legend and known for being superior on the mic.

    • GSOG

      He doesn't mention those legends because he's talking about new niggas, pusha t been around, but his hype is new. He's telling them not to get involved obviously cause they'll never make it to where kendrick will, which is on top as a legend. I'm not saying he's one yet, but he's on the right path... If you can't see that you're blind.

  • truth173

    Good verse, but let's not exaggerate. He listed a bunch of mediocre rappers. Kendrick stands out in a weak 2013 scene

  • tew

    im just glad someone finally shut thses jay elec fanboys up.i still see a few in the comments forcing themselves to dick ride jay's verse.

    dude doesnt even make music yall callin him the goat you stans are imbeciles

  • DatGuy

    What y'all fail to understand is that these guys he listed are supposed to be his competition. He's not competing with the legends cause they've already put their stamp in the game. He's competing with the guys who are trying to become legends, the people everyone have been comparing him to since he was coming up, the guys that are supposed to be hot right now... He's not just gone diss some underground lyricists cause no one will know he's talking bout, and he's not gonna diss the greats cause that's fucking disrespectful when he's already gone on the record saying that they were music he grew up on or that influenced him.

    • sb

      Doesn't matter meek mills is hotter then this dude thinks he's cannibus go sit and play joe buddens is going to eat him up k dot who lol

  • Kendrick ripped this.

  • Rosebudd

    Everybody went hard...... But that got dam Kendrick out shined everybody on this track

  • Ani Khonsu

    LMAO....Tha other brothas on the track couldn't of known K.Dot was gone get angry w his verse. They must've sent they verses in cause if u in the booth & that ngg does that! Burn ya pad & goback to the Lab....Dayum! Neva thought I'd say sumbdy kill'd JayElec on a verse! #Luv It

  • J_Sizzle

    Lets be real here...

    Kendrick's part of the verse where he started naming whack rappers was stupid and threw off the song. His best lines weren't even in that part.

  • Pre

    Fucking incredible to see K call out those Niggas and tell em to step they game up. About time.

  • Mike

    Wonderful music

  • mah0knee

    i didn't hear a bar after kendrick mollywopped this game, sorry jay, shoulda put your verse second

  • Main

    My nigga lil b the based god is killin all these fuck niggas. SCHWAG!

  • kl

    Kendrick is the greatest of all time

  • S.B.D.S

    K Dot and Mr. Electronica just one up'd everybody and now everybody else is going to want to settle the score. Keep listening people, hip hop is about to get real good soon.

  • yooo

    banks can murk this youngin with one bar....banks never drops names so its harder for him...if kendrick didnt mention any names he wouldnt have the buzz that he got from this

  • dirk

    Kendrick Lamar: Finally, an MC with BALLS!

  • who cares

    Aint no rappers in NY,Nobody gives a fuck about NY,Fuck NY & every rapper he named ass as fuck,aint nobody gone say shit cause all them niggas trash as fuck.

  • q

    with balls ? All he did is call out some weak rappers (guess Jay Elect and J Cole are arguably not weak). Someone said that he respercted JayZ but crowned himself king in Jay's city. JayZ and Nas are way past the "king of NY" shit so it hardly even bothers them.
    The verse is really good but I much more respect Kendrick for his verse with Tech9 for example. Love to see him with Em or Royce as well.


    Surely Big Sean left this out of his album because he got completely bodied on it... I mean, Jay Elec holds his own against Kendrick, but Big Sean sounds a little baby spitting nursery rhymes in a track with two men.

    Big Sean, please retire, ASAP.

  • thacarter2

    "What y’all fail to understand is that these guys he listed are supposed to be his competition. He’s not competing with the legends cause they’ve already put their stamp in the game. He’s competing with the guys who are trying to become legends, the people everyone have been comparing him to since he was coming up, the guys that are supposed to be hot right now… He’s not just gone diss some underground lyricists cause no one will know he’s talking bout, and he’s not gonna diss the greats cause that’s fucking disrespectful when he’s already gone on the record saying that they were music he grew up on or that influenced him."

    THANK YOU, swear these niggas dumb. He said what is competition dick heads. They're supposed to be his comp!

  • The Dude

    Great track... I wish they would stop letting Big Sean rap though.

  • LMK!

    Hope Hip Hop is gonna grow from this.

  • b ali

    Hip hop needed this. Jay Electronica had the better verse imo but hip hop needed the spirit of competition back. Good track.

  • JordanLeBronMagicLarryWilt

    I'm a Kendrick Lamar fan but he's 0-2 on the mic when matched up with NY legends in my opinion. Jay-Z's bars were better on 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)' and 50 Cent's bars were better on 'We Up'. K Dot should of saved this for an Eminem track instead of wasting it on Big Sean and the B-Version of Nas.

    • GSOG

      You obviously don't know good hip hop. Jay is a great, but his verse BDKMV remix was weak as fuck compared to Kendrick's.

  • Devin

    In the south we don't fuck with any three of them niggas so what?

    • DreWade

      You crazy, niggas hating on Sean but that niggardly got flow, and Kendrick the best lyricist in the game. As a southern nigga, I fucks with t.i. and the like but he ain't fucking with kdot

  • BigDaddyKaneisthe GOAT

    I'm not caught up in who's verse was the best. Glad K-Dot re-affirmed that rap is a competitive sport and glad to hear new bars from Jay Elect.

  • yzee

    This is a party. Dion brought wid him a sexy bitch, sean got frontin and maybe kissed her neck, jay elec fiddled wid her titties and might have finger-fucked her, but kdot ejaculated on her! In other words he spazzed this bitch! WOW!

  • yzee

    Amen. Hallelluja hoe!

  • wahnah

    kendrick....sheesh. yall can't tell me that jay's verse wasn't crazy either.

  • word.

    damn. sean looks like a simp on his own shit. he just loaded luxed hisself tho!?!

  • ear2ear

    lmao this ain't gonna change a DAMN thing about hip-hop you naive niggas. you think all of a sudden all these wack rappers are gonna wake up tomorrow and be talented because of this verse? hahaha. you think this verse is gonna inspire wale to not be corny? or ASAP Rocky to be a lyricist? you are what you are. if you suck, you suck. didn't trinidad james just release a mixtape? isn't kendrick making himself available for a feature with just about anyone hahaha?

    love his verse and jay elect's but this shit ain't gonna change anything because all these guys collaborate and kendrick didn't say anything that offensive. all he said is he wants to be better than his peers in this rap game. but OF COURSE, he said it in a boastful way. Isn't that what rap has done since it's creation?!

  • gizzle

    Kdot stay winning got errybody upvoting and commenting haha the audacity!! as if any one else could do it hahah he is king of ny now! try and say hes not lmao this is too amazing

  • gizzle

    and only one even Klose nowadays is KRIT! Im gonna go take up painting or fix cars this rap shit is on lock for the forseeable future

  • Truth173

    ear2ear - cosign. those guys he listed suck, other than pusha. this aint a diss. know your history. on a 1-10 scale with 1 being the lowest, this gets a 1 on the impact it'll have. he listed a bunch of cornballs, most of them literally mean nothing and will be forgotten in the near future. i respect kendrick, but yall 2010 new rap heads dont know shit if this made u jizz ur pants

  • Joshua

    Please edit this song so it starts at 2:58.

  • iceman10

    don't spoil the lyrics for those who haven't heard the track by posting them right fucking about the play button! does the element of surprise mean nothing?

  • the realest

    Kendrick won on shock value. Jay elec had the superior verse. Big Sean underperformed.

  • You’reNotCool..Conform

    anyone who says jay elec had the better verse is trying not to conform to what everyone else is saying. It's like saying "illmatic was cool but did you really sit down and listen to I Am?"...get the fuck out of here

  • The Truth

    Lil dick didn't want this on his album because this one verse is better than anything on his upcoming album, fuck that anything he has ever and will do. Sheesh? Where is Big Ghost to smack you when we need it.

  • marty mcfly

    I think Jay Elec had the best verse because he was just focused on letting people know where he's coming from as far as being an artist and setting up for more anticipation for his own album. I dont think he's concerned with trying to out battle rap Kendrick and Big Sean verbally. All three of them did their thing on the song. Kendrick was screaming alot of randomness and name dropping and calling himself the king of the universe and whatnot and all that is great and everything but Jay Elec still doesn't even have an album out so his bars gotta be a little more focused imo.

  • marty mcfly

    I take that back. Its no best verse because all three of them had their own intentions on the song and each got their point across.

  • Alonzo Rupert

    Every rapper he named you better come back hard or retire. Boom

    • T


  • Smh clowns

    Everybody keep saying Big Sean's underperformed. Did you not listen to what he was saying? He had the best finish of the 3 he just didn't have a great delivery overall. His verse goes hard. Actually listen to what he says before y'all try to hoe him. If I ain't know any better I would think alot of y'all from the east side of Detroit by how much hate Sean is getting smfh

  • Smh clowns

    Everybody keep saying Big Sean's underperformed. Did you not listen to what he was saying? He had the best finish of the 3 he just didn't have a great delivery overall. His verse goes hard. Actually listen to what he says before y'all try to hoe him. If I ain't know any better I would think alot of y'all from the east side of Detroit by how much hate Sean is getting smh

  • Smh clowns

    Everybody keep saying Big Sean's underperformed. Did you not listen to what he was saying? He had the best finish of the 3 he just didn't have a great delivery overall. His verse goes hard. Actually listen to what he says before y'all try to clown him. If I ain't know any better I would think alot of y'all from the east side of Detroit by how much hate Sean is getting smh

  • Eric

    Did he really include Big Sean in that group on his own damn song? Killing people in more than one way lol

  • QBN

    Jay Elect shoulda went first.. after Kendrick there's no point in anybody else rapping. I'm glad he's murdering everything right now..

    As for Jay Elect.. dude doesn't wanna put out music, so I can't really get hype for his music knowing that by the time he finally drops an lp the game will have passed him by. Anyways back to Kendrick TDE over everything.. best crew in hip hop without a doubt.

  • rico

    *waits for papoose response*

  • god

    truth be told.... all 3 of these niggas wack as fuck!!!

  • Hahahahaha!!!lol

    West coast you bitches!!!!!!!

  • Will

    The song was good but nothing but controversy. People on here hating on Sean his verse was actually good he can rap I do not see why people are hating. Kendrick was average lyrically he just created shock value, jay had the best verse because it was metaphorical. I just wish he quits the bullshit and drop his music, so he can go back to being one of the best in the scene again.

  • MadeNCali

    No way U can deny this song is not hot unless U just hate ish that sounds good. K. Lamar brought the verses and creativity with the verses, reppin the West full fledged, Jay Elec's verse took me on a mental picture loved that he mentioned spiritual things in a hot way and the beat/music behind it put it all together...some people just do get what music is supposed to be about , rap, R&B or whatver. Sean should've tried harder to release this on the Album....keep doin' your thing Kendrick.

  • aedi

    this track as whole is DOPE af they all did work

  • gregory kruxx.

    this shit didnt make it not because of sample clearences but because people just forgot sean and jay elect were even on this (and they had some hot verses)

    KEndrick said he was KING... Aint No Half Steppin there..fa real...
    All ya Rap Niggahs better step up them bars or else your just a sweet memory.


  • Expel

    Its a good thing for hip hop this record didn't make this album. This is gonna be a cult classic for that! West Up!

  • Jerry

    Kendrick pretty much recycled what Ab-Soul did on "Hell Yeah" from Longterm Mentality -

    "Hell yeah we been patrolin the game, watchin the throne
    Plottin on Jay and Kanye, Marshall and Andre
    Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Wale
    That bitch Nicki, J. Cole, Rozay"

  • MadeNCali

    That was hot point period. Wasn't nothing recycled about that and I bet ab-soul didn't get the kind of response K. Lamar is gettin' on here or got on twitter.

  • the realest

    Okay big Sean didnt underperform, he just came in 3rd place. Niggaz is over hyping this song/Kendrick verse. Shit wasn't that hard. He himself had better verses. Niggaz hyping this up on some prisoner of the moment type shit bcuz he said that he wants to murder a list of his peers. He doesn't even say that he's better than said rappers directly. Just that he wants to be better. Niggaz ain't even quoting no dope bars. Just getting their panties wet bcuz he dropped a few names that just so happen to be his homies. Weak, sauce.

    Jay elec had the superior verse.

  • doyourlessonyoungpunk

    This shit would have been garbage in the 90's.

  • doyourlessonyoungpunk

    This shit would have been garbage in the 90's. Yall are a bunch of new borns..

  • doyourlessonyoungpunk

    This shit would have been garbage in the 90's. Yall are
    a bunch of new borns...

  • MadeNCali

    P. Diddy discovered Biggie one of the greatest rappers of alltime and commented on K. Lamar's verse positively...what some dudes on here who never released a successful album got to say about it?? Sit down haters. Kendrick did his thang.

  • stopcrying

    i don't understand why dudes are so hurt, hip hops always been a competition

  • Siighfur

    Electronica's verse. Just listen.

  • wr


  • Frost

    LMAO @ JordanLeBronMagicLarryWilt

    "Jay-Z’s bars were better on ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)’ and 50 Cent’s bars were better on ‘We Up’...."


    Jay and 50 dont even believe that bullshit...

  • Slime

    this was trash. kendrick needs to stop having ab-soul write his lyrics.

    "...And Dre you're such a gangsta and kendrick you're such a sweetie"

  • Goon Day

    that king of new york line was bitten do your research. k dot has yet to have a line that makes a nigga rewind a record and listen to it again. All his best lines have been bitten. don't be fooled by his delivery.

  • thisisgarbagerap

    I don't know what was more impressive, the fact he needed to mispronounce half of his words to get them to fit in a verse, or that a dude's career verse is about on level with a poor Jay Electronica verse. Anyone who "THINK DIS SIT IZ FIRE!!" or that's the best you ever heard, must have about 3 years of hip hop under their belt.

  • Jedilee

    Lolol...soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many hurt feelings.

  • Made-N-Cali

    Dudes are so salty they can't even give props where props are due on here, but major rappers and music celebs who don't have to comment on ish are givig K. Dot props...ppl are such hater azzez....I am not surprised.

  • anon

    So brave.

  • AngusBeef

    Kendrick murdered them on this song. Plain and simple. He's saying that if you're a leader of the new school you better boss up and produce some real material. Talk about the struggle after the struggle is over, real life, not just the money and the drugs you get. Real substance is what is lacking in today's rap game and this was Kendrick's "Call to Arms", his attempt at rallying his peers to get them to challenge him. Not to better himself, but to better the rap community by taking it back to what was once so cherished and held high.


    love to hear an Eminem response track

  • Joe Bananas

    LMFAO at all these muhfuckaz gettin wet over this quotidian mediocrity...

    @who cares
    @thisisgarbagerap [Jay Elec. ain't ALL that either].

    ROC MARCIANO. That is all [for all you neophytes an' hipsters to this shit]...

    [And since when did Pop-whore-Puff's opinion matter regardin ANYTHING post '93?!?!]

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Maria E. Norwood

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  • Made-N-Cali

    Kendrick's verse reminds me of pharoahe monch's verse in that song "Oh No" from back in the day. Just intense and lyrical along with vocal transitions. Good job. Reppin' that West.

  • BurNa

    Everybody is putting their 2 cents in this but what about Kurupt the guy who came up with the line kendrick bite. That's who I want to hear. That whole I'm a king of new york and south central muslim eating pork is Kurupts lines.

    It's funny how everybody is acting like kendrick came up with the line when Kurupt said that line years ago. Damn ya lil' kids don't know anything about history of hip hop. Everybody giving credit to kendrick but what about Kurupt.

  • Wai Yu So Tan

    my best friend’s sister makes $150/hour selling that putang on the street. She has been unemployed for 9 months but last month her payment was $40,000 just working that corner for a few hours. Go to this web site and read more… C­raigslist.C­ℴ­M

  • bigErn

    Two things. Kendrick proved he’s on top with the ridiculous amount of IMMEDIATE response he got just from a few bars. All these rappers wouldn’t come out guns blazing if they didn’t feel Kendrick was king right now. This strengthens his testament.
    Second, not only is Kendrick Lamar untouchable right now as a rapper, he’s pushing hip-hop/rap AS A WHOLE; genre progressing shit!! He’s got these niglets desperately clawing to eat now, cuz they ain’t EATIN!!

  • the beat voive say "el pueblo unido jamas seria vencido" yeah

  • the beat voice say "el pueblo unido jamas seria vencido" yeah

  • ispeakthetruth

    I'm sorry but Kendrick has been saying this type of stuff. And it's awesome. Check out "Turn me up" on Longterm Mentality 2 (Ab-Soul's mixtape/album). "Imagine if I smoke, I'll probably come up with a quote, so heavy to make you forget every album you heard from Hova."

    Even though he qualifies it, he's basically saying he's the GOAT without trying. Kendrick is saying "fuck it, I'm trying now," he just announced his intentions to the rap game, that shit was monumental.

  • Champ

    I'm fed up of people saying Kendrick bodied everybody and he's the GOAT etc... PLEEASSE

    Verse was wack just a angry lil midget shouting no actual wordlplay or skill

    The verse that is HOTTT right now is Krayzie Bones verse on A$ap Ferg's "Lord" joint.... KRAY WENT IN

  • pac is back. nuff said

  • Made-N-Cali

    @ champ

    Always gonna be some haters, should expect that especially if they are from NY and have no objectivity at least Diddy is objective and recognizes a dope mc...look at the "Dope" count verses "nopes" at the top of this page. That says it all.

  • shaadg

    Listen to 'Get Bizy' by Kurupt Kendrick and Bad Lucc! A song they did 3 years ago!

  • SNakE-X

    Imagine if I smoke, I’ll probably come up with a quote, so heavy to make you forget every album you heard from Hova.

    ^^^Hate to break it to you but this line is not hot.

    How many artist have kendrick bit let's count: Ab-Soul, Jay-Z, Biggie, Pac, and now Kurupt amongst others. Where's the originality.

    Kendrick has flow, his delivery is fire his lyrics are trash. What's coming out his mouth is nothing major. And nobody he mentions by him in the song is concerned because they caking. This shit don't change shit.

    Sad thought how he doesn't even mention Ab-Soul, Jay Rock or Schoolboy Q as competition.

    That's as much as a diss against his labelmates as it is against other cats in the game.

  • tha dopenezz

    J. Cole's the cure kills kendrick's verse easy. Kendrick's is like hitting a home run, J. cole's is like hitting a grand slam.

  • baze

    The popularity of kendrick's verse and the line king of new york is the reason why we now know there are a lot of kendrick dick suckers here. The line is from a Terrance Martin song called "Get Bizy" feat. Kurupt, kendrick and Bad Lucc and only got 1 like on this site on December 28, 2010. Search for it and see for yourself. Fast forward to now and you see the result of this stupidity and grave dick sucking.

    And Kendrick gets killed by Kurupt on the record.

  • Damn, is this a new record for Dope votes on this site?

  • Made-N-Cali

    U got a few haters comin' on here talkin' about where they heard better verses before, this song that song, this mc that mc...look. this song and verse from K. Dot is dope, just give the man hs due and stfu! dayum.

  • greeh

    I'll be honest, I hate kendrick but this is the best verse I have heard this year

  • friberg

    No hate, after a few listens, I agree that kendrick probably released the best verse of 2013

  • dissim

    ^^^^^^^^That's about the stupidest shit I heard all year but that's to be expected from a stan.

  • fahrenheit Macodes

    Kay's got a chance, hë didn't waste it. These had brought him more fame even if the verse aint that real.
    I followed diddy- kendrick is a joke. He's an Opportunist on hë®ë. Hë stepped on¥§ will bounce back. Cuz NY got kings yes kings....thë¥ can't ßë silent.....I'm a rapper too nd I felt affected somehow. Fuck him!!!

    Come to Lagos and claim King....we will turn your wide mouth to an ass-hole. Yam headed fool

  • keke michelle


  • Los Angeles

    Dope song.

  • NurGIRLcar

    overhyped verse

  • Davide Leroy

    Really no one made a comment on here?