• 6th Sense

    first! lol

  • realtalk™

    YES new Tanya Morgan is always welcome.. Brooklynati still in rotation

  • frankddank

    Didnt Ilyas leave the group?

  • Haight

    For a while there I felt like Von Pea should just go solo but his solo efforts were weak as fuck. Donwill's solo shit was wack too. Brooklynati was just so-so. These niggas missed the boat when ?uestlove co-signed them back in 06. Hang it up already. BK dudes like Skyzoo lapped you niggas years ago from putting in good, quality, steady work, not some old sporadic bullshit. Good luck niggaz

  • ianism

    ^^ stop being negative for no fucking reason and get lupus or malaria or something

    and yeah Ilyas left. that's why he isn't mentioned.

    and COME THE FUCK ON TANYA MORGAN. it's been 4.5 years since Brooklynati and your new album is 10-11 songs? that's fucking weak.

  • King Tyrone

    Really looking forward to some new TM...the combo with 6th Sense should be dope

  • http://donwill.me donwill

    yo haight your solo shit was wack as fuck g. your last comment was just so-so. you missed the boat when Shake co-signed you back in '12. hang it up already. 2dope commenters like King Tyrone lapped you comments ago by posting good, quality, steady work, not some old sporadic hate. Fuck you nigga.

    and ianism. its only 10 songs but trust me you won't be lacking new TM in 2014. trust me. i promise you

  • Sharkzulito

    Why did Illyas leave the group?

  • A Reader!

    haahaaa haahaa ^^^ this page is now all gold, thanks to DonWill.

  • http://donwill.me donwill

    RE: ilyas

    the honest answer is he felt confined by the group. felt like he wasn't being true to his sound and wanted to explore exactly what that was.

    i think that about sums it up.

  • kenn

    Thank you for releasing this shit on wax I got Moonlighting and wanted Brooklynati but doesn't exist, looks like i can add Rubber Souls to my collection though. Still listen to Moonlighting Brooklynati and the Bridge regularly hope this is as dope as those