• wat

    People are still doing the Mercy style art lol

  • KING

    Is the title based off his uncanny resemblance to Gabourey Sidibe?

  • https://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/hustlin-for-mula DJ Lanky White

    "we can all assume that some of rap’s dregs of society will land on the project"

    Well it just wouldn't be a Meka post without a super pretentious comment!

  • Pearl C. Flores

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  • ChittyChing

    Finally, an album that's been aptly titled. Lol

  • realtalk™

    Revolutionary artwork, style has never been seen before.
    And Young Chop is apparently one of Meka's favorite artists so that's a great reason to post this too.

    2DBZ keeps getting better and better. Good post, 10/10.

  • Avid Art Museum Goer

    not bad, not bad at all