• beyenesausage

    Streaming it all day

  • http://mp3searchx.blogspot.com/ mp3search

    in the latest album Terrace Martin and 3ChordFold indeed be the starting point and the development of music are like hip hop and R & B type of music that were formerly introduced by blacks

  • J

    just the over all sound... Is perfect. Make sure to add that joint why? Ft. Jay rock to the playlist. Top album this year no question.

  • The corner

    this wasn't "dr dre meets Quincy jones", Locke high could fit that description better. This is still a piece of work that will be criminally slept on... Dope album for sure.. No coast

  • GeeZuP

    This is definitely in contention for album of the year you can tell Terrace put a lot of work into making this album and it paid off in a big way too damn smooth

  • Shaboy

    As far as art goes, he is the best artist in the game.