Eminem – Survival f. Liz Rodrigues (prod. DJ Khalil)

blame it on Illy August 14, 2013

After the preview in the new reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, we get to hear the latest track “Survival” from Mr. Slim Shady with guest vocals from Canada’s Liz Rodrigues (of The New Royales). Production by DJ Khalil.

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  • Jimmy

    Curious whether this is just on the soundtrack or the upcoming album. Glad to hear Shady’s back

  • espy

    At least, he doesnt talk, in this one, about how happy he is.

  • This mad corny to me… Em still a legend

  • Eatadick

    I haven’t slept in over 24 hours – started with listening to all the responses to “control” then cod multi drops with a snippet to this track then he releases the actual track!!! What a fucking week this is turning out to be for hiphop! Kool herc we did it baby

  • The hook is gay as hell, but Slim’s lyrics are on point. Can’t wait to hear some more of his new stuff!

  • Twilight Zone

    Sounds like “Won’t Back Down”. Sounds like Recovery leftover to me.

  • meh

    this sucks.

  • Doug

    Chorus is a bit generic but he kinda goes off in the verses. This is already on my gym playlist.

  • robi

    eminem is intolerable to listen to, why has his voice got so fucking whiny with age

  • Ahijah

    New Em is always good to hear

  • fatlip nigga

    shit is kind of gay. the chopping of words just so he can make them rhyme is corny. its like he’s just learning to rap again. and the hipster-girl chorus is played out.

  • LU

    the only thing good were the verses. hook and beat were WACK!

  • Matt

    Its Call of Duty Promo Track. Chill the Fuck out.

  • Smoke

    Agree with @Matt. It’s an easy paycheck, just give them a Recovery leftover and collect your money. Beat was generic, chorus was generic and the lyrics were ok. Obviously his best days are behind him at this point.

  • T9FTW

    Boring. Hopefully, the album goes in the exact opposite direction. Sounds like a Recovery leftover.

  • “I’m not a rapper, I’m an adaptor and I can adjust” Dope

  • chris

    sick riff, pretty good verses, meh hook. hes capable of alot more. that bein said he still shits on kendrick.

  • DBS

    Every album he’s put out has sounded different but this sounds like Recovery and Rapradar reports that it will also be on his album so if that’s true I am a little disappointed.

  • ‘sheed

    verses are nice but that angry yelling, beat and hook are lame. Sounds just like a Recovery left-over like everyone said. Em’s production selection has been terrible on Recovery, Hell: The Sequel, and that Slaughterhouse album.

  • Em has always been one of the best songwriters in hiphop. He actually cares about making dope songs and not just verses. I personally love the guitar riffs and hook; and the rowdy delivery is dope.

  • Slaughterhouse

    That 3rd verse though… Wooo. It goes hand in hand with why Kendrick meant on ‘Control’. Looking forward to what else Marshall has in store.

  • real charles

    Legends dont know when to chill nowadays shits sickening. Niggas be staying in the game 2 long fucking up they legacy.Almmost like Jordan tried to do when he played for the Wizards. EM,Hov,Wayne,T.I. and alot mo niggas i dont really car to name all need to stop with the BS & stay far away from the studio as possible.Olny legends niggas wanna hear who are still spittin that gas are Andre 3000 & Nas all the rest of you old niggas just fucking up your legacy everytime you niggas step inside the booth.Just quit it already my nigga.Walk away.Old niggas the ones fuckin up hip hop if you ask me.

  • q

    well… it might sound a bit generic but hey, that’s Em. You’ll always get an “angry” track. Guess that if that was released after “relapse” everbody would be saying “straight fire”. This definitely sounds like some in-between phase track but there is a thing to rejoice – he’s not into accents again.

  • Tizem

    @Real Charles

    Add Snoop Dogg to that list of washed up greats.


    Someone teach Em how to be cool. The mans holed up in a mansion with a increasingly sexy daughter. Just give the kid a spliff and kick it and tell him to switch off that forced anger.

    Beat’s too much like The One by SH

    Someone teach Em how to be cool. The mans holed up in a mansion with a increasingly sexy daughter. Just give the kid a spliff and kick it and tell him to switch off that forced anger.
    ..Beat’s too much like The One by SH

  • RwMcquarters

    last verse is insane.

  • who cares

    This shit is whack. I’m getting really sick of him yelling on everything. Someone force him to retire. Please.

  • Mike

    Great track from Mr. Marshall

  • EssDotOhh

    His lyrics are dope & like others are saying, the word play on that last verse is RIDICULOUS.
    the chorus is weak, but its on a game soundtrack, so I can live with that

  • siara

    don’t call him Slim Shady cause he is not him anymore

  • Such a big em fan, but i think he should alter his flows more. Its like i knew what this song was gonna sound like before i heard it. It takes away from his lyricism which is still amazing. it makes him sound like some angry guy, he has no charisma or personality in his raps anymore

  • Shawn

    Another lack luster track from Em. Wish he’d just smoke some chronic, and get in the lab with Dre and 50.

  • Jizzy


  • kanye east


  • emsucks

    whine whine whine whine

  • theghostofaldavis

    Smh……Em has fallen off hard..khalil has heen hanging around dre too much the gayness is rubbing off on him.