• Dashboard

    So he put together throw away songs to sale

  • suckhoenigga

    no you dick wad its the 20 20 expericne hold dat!^^^^

  • krl

    t.i best be in this bitch.

  • Smoke

    It's smart. Instead of releasing a double album they split it up and you have two platinum selling albums instead. Good for him.

  • Dashboard


  • r

    @smoke double albums count as double the sales anyway so your point is moot

  • who cares

    I really hope there's no features on this. Jay-Z's verse was the worst thing bout the first 20/20 Experience.

  • runt


    but he makes more money by actually selling the albums separately. think about it.

  • RED-bWs


    Not necessarily. Pac's All Eyez on Me cost as much as 2 albums when it came out. So if he priced it like that, it would be the same. Even right now, where I am All Eyez on Me is $40.

  • BP


    You're assuming people would pay that much for an album in 2013 when people hardly buy music as it is. With 2 separate albums and 2 tours all in the same year, I think it works best for him with the ADHD generation.

  • the realest

    Co-sign who cares