when are they going to buy a decent mic for this... its damn near an insult. like here, you rappers we never show love to.. go to "the backroom" and use this shitty ass mic.

  • Whocares32

    Hanging off his nutsack much?

  • KING


    I find it hilarious how dudes appropriately praising a talented MC, and it's classified as "hanging off his nutsack". Seriously, can anyone praise other artists without be considered dickriding? Grow up motherfucker.

  • The Vet

    @MRKSM it's a quality Mic, the sound it's giving off has to do with placement and what it's running through. They need a better preamp and mic placement to sort out the quality issue. Sounds like it's coming straight from an interface. It's like running a U-87 mic through an M-box, the quality just won't be there.

  • dave chappelle


  • Wonton Soup

    it sounds like shit because nobody at BET is brilliant enough to lower the fuckin mic 6 inches and no rapper has had the balls to just grab the fuckin thing and abuse it

  • J.Y

    That man KILLED it!