JR Writer - Already f. Vado


After his "Control" response, JR Writer links up with Vado on the Spetacula-produced "Already."

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  • jape

    he put this out quick so people will forget how terrible his response to Kendrick was. the problem is this shit sucks too. everyone ever affiliated with dip set should just chill now and bask in their glory days. they all suck now.

  • HK

    Well the difference is, JR's PR team is paying for these front page big ups. What can ya do...

  • markaveli

    waaaack. gtfoh.

  • Smh

    You faggots are just made b/c he went at KL, so now yall feeling slaty! you bitches wanted competition and he gave it to you and now yall gone NOPE everything he put out smh

    2DBZ visiters gotta be the most gayest mfs on the net

  • dagel

    ^LOL yea ok guy

  • Real

    SMH @Smh
    Is this poor nigga with a poor IQ even able to use a computer?

  • TB

    new york rappers are so boring now. shame. nas and hov are exceptions because they're from a different era.


TĀLĀ & BANKS - "Wolfpack"

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