The Mad Rapper, Chris Rivers (Big Pun’s Son) & Grafh’s “Control” Freestyles

blame it on Shake August 15, 2013

Instead of dissing Kendrick after his verse on “Control,” The Mad Rapper takes a few comedic shots at the artists that have issued responses. B.o.B, Cassidy, Fred the Godson, Joell Ortiz, Ransom and others. UPDATE: And before I could push publish on the post, Big Pun’s kid and Grafh provided their takes as well. Included both below.

  • hova scotia

    “and moby, you could get stung by obie”

  • Da Spaniard

    Lol the mad rapper didnt say shit about Los…he know he staight killed that beat

  • peaceofpi

    It’s eerie how much Chris Rivers sounds like his daddy. I wonder if he practices in front of the mirror.

  • Yeaa…

    We get it, that’s his kid. Can he have his own identity now?

  • dun

    @Da Spaniard – he probably didn’t say nothin about los cause he probably never even heard of los, and even if he has, he knows no one cares about him

  • 4real

    Grafh verse was solid.. Big Pun Jr eh.. he needs to work on his flow, he just sounds like he’s rambling. Still think Joell Ortiz had the best response so far. And Lupe’s “response” was mad disappointing.

    The problem is all these obscure rappers, dudes that fell off or never blew up are responding. Will anybody that Kendrick actually named drop a verse??

  • ?

    Mad rapper shit was funny yo.. all those weak “responses” made them look like clowns.

  • ummm

    ok really guys??? im gnna make a verse toooo

  • sircatalyst

    Mad Rapper sounding like Peedi Crackk on this jawn.

    Sheesh Lil Pun sounds like his dad. He might have something there. I can see him getting more attention if he’s consistent.

    Grafh did an admirable job.

  • Chris Rivers sounded like Freeway voice with Pun flow!! Beat was more impressive this time around.

  • who cares

    Mad Rapper’s track gave me a headache because of his voice. Jesus.
    Chris Rivers’ track was raw as fuck. I don’t know why, but the vibe he gave off left me feeling like he should be in AOTP. Grafh was ok, but got bored within the first minute. I’ve always wanted to like Grafh, he’s just not interesting to listen to.

  • springer22

    @ 4real you cant be real if you think pun jr has to work on his flow, that’s a style of flow that was heavily used by big pun and other great rappers, his verse was way better then grafhs. anyone with one ear should be able to hear it

  • DatGuy

    @springer22 It’s a new age my nigga.

  • In My Honest Opinion

    Just like Guru said in his video “all the subpar MCs will be quick to respond” and it “was a flawless chess move.” IMO Lets face it probably no one can say anything back to Kendrick at this point. Not to say that he is untouchable, but everyone is gonna claim it is whack if it is not an outright destruction of the kid (which would be good for hip-hop). Let’s face it, nobody is ending people’s careers anymore; I mean Ross got caught as a cop, and continued to be on top of the game. And please people Joell Ortiz can rap, but his shit was straight up boring. Dude can do rappity-rap with straight bars for days but cannot make a song for his life. I like bars as much as the next guy, but a good song every now and then is not a problem in my book. Also, fuck Wale for his TMZ response lol, dude is trash now.

  • big puns son has had the dopest response.

  • YoungCosby

    Mad Rapper spoke the truth, Chris sounded like his father mixed with Immortal Technique, and Graph was solid.

  • JL

    Grafh MURDERED that ish. Ya’ll just afraid to say it