Life + Times Presents: The TDE Documentary (Video Trailer)

blame it on Illy August 16, 2013

Additional footage: Shake.

Jay-Z’s Life + Times gives us a sneak peek at Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock’s journey to the Budweiser Made In America Festival taking place in Philadelphia this September. The full-length documentary, coming soon.

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  • The TDE Documentary….sure lmao its probably gonna be a Kendrick Lamar Documentary. the media dont give a fuck about ab-soul and jay rock, they only gonna focus on Kendrick and a bit on Schoolboy Q smh

  • JAE

    Dear Rappers actually hurt enough to respond to Kendricks short lyrical slaughter of your fellow brethren, RIP.I haven’t heard a quality response or even a contender for Kendrick. You guys should be asking to work in the studio with him, so you can see how he constructs his music. ———-NAME ONE NY RAPPER THAT IS A CONTENDER TO KENDRICK RIGHT NOW————–pause. THERE ISN’T ONE, TOO BUSY Throwing college tuition to strippers at the clubs, GET IN THE STUDIO, STOP TURNING Up, START CREATING, RAP WASN’T ALWAYS JUST FOR MONEY YOU TURDS, all the money in the way, you lose sight of your craft and end up settling for creating shit tier music that will only be played on the gay ass radio and stupid clubs, you’ll get paid, but you’ll never feel as accomplished as Kendrick, he had a plan and stuck to it, never letting money take the course on his career, TAKE NOTES. Back to Control Verse….KENDRICK RAPPED 4 Bars AND THEN THREW ANOTHER IN WITH THE KING OF NY LINE. YOU ARE COMPARING A 3-6 Minute song with 4 bars….I GUARANTEE IF YOU GAVE KENDRICK 1 DAY 1 INSTRUMENTAL and a 3 Minute limit for his track,you’d probably fall victim to lyrical assault and pass out,3 MINUTES OF LYRICAL SLAUGHTER to your dome piece. These mediocre rappers can’t stop reaching for the limelight. Papoose was invited onto the stage at NY SummerJam by TDE out of kindness, and he starts playing games, calling out the whole crew ALL OVER 4 BARS…Sensitive much?Papoose is just being weird…maybe Papoose is just butt hurt his wife is in Jail and decided to take his anger out on the Rap King himself. They DISS AND DISS AND DISS, YET THEY NEVER FOCUS ON THEIR OWN GOD DAMN CRAFT…. THEY STILL SUCK AFTER THE DISS. DISSING KENDRICK ISN’T GOING TO MAKE RAP EASIER, ITS NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU SUPER LYRICAL, ITS NOT GOING TO GUARANTEE A MAGIC CARPET RIDE TO THE TOP, GO PUT IN WORK AS KENDRICK DOES.CARVE YOUR OWN LANE YOU MEDIOCRE RAPPERS, KENDRICK DID, YOU CAN TOO! Jesus. Fuck Molly Rap, Fuck Club Rap, BRING SUBSTANCE BACK INTO RAP. I’ve had it with these rappers, how the fuck y’all hating on TDE and Kendrick when he’s doing his own thing producing some of the best HIP HOP in years… hes riding in his own lane, while the rest of rap peddles backwards trying to catch up. Stop rapping “Off-top” on shitty bass heavy beats while blabbering about TURNING UP and TAKING MOLLY IN DA CLUB. ITS BORING. STOP TARGETING TEENAGE GIRLS WITH YOUR MUSIC AND EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS. IM DONE. GONNA GO DROP 10 G’s on a new keyboard. P.S: TDE DOESN’T HAVE TO RESPOND, THEY ARE ALREADY SHITTIN ON THE BUMGOBLINS of RAP. NO NEED TO SIFT THROUGH SHIT, IF YOU KNOW ITS SHIT. Kendrick is not the ENEMY, HE’S THE DEFIBRILLATOR sent BY TUPAC and Notorious(They reconciled in heaven.) TO REVIVE RAP FROM THE PITS OF CHINGYS BASEMENT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE………

  • Sg

    Damn dude, you got way too much free time

  • FuckYou

    I just type fast. IT AINT NOTHIN

  • realtalk™

    aint nobody reading that tho.. get a real hobby

  • js


  • Thin Harder Niggas

    typing in all caps doesn’t bring more attention bro. you might as well be typing in all lower case. I got to “college tuition” and figured you were going to bullshit the rest so I stopped.

    Also, if this documentary is done right, with Top Dawg, the production team, and everything else that makes TDE than this could be really good, but just focusing on these four? I’ll watch because the film quality looks good.
    They gunna just mention everything we knew already. Other than Q and Soulo’s crazy drug addictions to crack and meth, these niggas is just some regular boring ass niggas.