Random Acts Of F*ckery: The “Control” Responses Edition

blame it on Meka August 16, 2013

Unlimited tears at all of this. Whomever did this has way too much free time on his hands, and I am thankful for that.


    Haha, Sean was the best though “Y’all telling me I didn’t rip the verse?”

  • yaniv

    lmao !!!



    scratch that, Cole’s “live” performance was the best

  • gLC knows all

    Well, Kendrick’s government name is Kendrick Lamar Ducksworth. this shit was funny though

  • rdd08

    this is funny as Hell

    it’s kinda fucked but cus Big Sean did Rip that Verse thou but got overshadowed by Kendrick and Jay Elect.

  • who cares


  • Erica “Miss-E”

    LMMFAO……This made my day…..Thank you :)

  • Check

    Big Sean bit was fucking hilarious. Spot on impersonation. That fool DOES talk like that

  • MusicHead


  • DatGuy

    I thinks I’ve been spoiled by the NBA Trash Talk cause this wasn’t on point to me.. Drake and Big Sean had some funny bits though.

  • basket-Head

    The drake about to cry and getting emotional was funny as hell but the joke ran to long on the j cole part.

  • Unlimited tears? Really? Shit wasn’t even synced with the mouths 90% of the time. I applaud the idea, but the execution was terrible. Couple funny parts but way too hyped.

  • who cares

    @eBagatron Way too hyped? You act like this shit is plastered on billboards as the funniest thing ever created. Meka found it funny. That’s it. And of course the audio wasn’t synced perfectly. That would be impossible given the fact that THEY DIDN’T ACTUAL SAY THIS SHIT. I swear, some people are incapable of enjoying anything.

  • who cares

    *actually, not actual

  • these voiceover shits are sooo boring a plaid out now. find something else to do with your time fuckbois. idk how many voiceover videos yall posted but this shit has to stop mad boring didnt chuckle once cause only corny niggas like this shit

  • @who cares — I read the comments along with the writeup and expected some comedic gold or some shit. I gave it it’s credit, but yeah, shit was way too hyped. I swear, some people can’t grasp basic concepts.

  • James

    Real talk, I must be spoiled by cats like ItsReal85, BadLipReading, and a few others because this didn’t do shit for my funny bone. I mean, I guess what he was saying was kinda funny, but the simple fact that it didn’t look like they were saying his words ruined it for me on a comedic level. If you’re going to do dubbed comedy, you should use footage or say things that makes it look like that’s what they’re actually saying.

  • SHOWMAN3000


  • Curt McGirt

    INFINITE LULZ THO!!!! this shit is funny as fuck!

  • dizzamn

    “you should use footage or say things that makes it look like that’s what they’re actually saying.”

    always the most unfunny mothafuckas making inefficient critiques. is lip synching that hilarious to you bro?