Benefit – Timing of the Godfather (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 August 17, 2013

Benefit unveils his KN-cosigned mixtape, Timing of the Godfather which features appearances by Shabaam Sahdeeq, PumpkinHead, Born Unique, Famoso, Young Buck, M-Dot and more. Stream/download after the break.

  • No Name


  • Is this the underground MC benefit from the 90s?
    Kid had bars one of the first spitting on home PC on the net.

  • After a listen, it doesnt sound like him. Some garbage hip hop nonsense.

  • Kbaneshasty

    that cover is so whack

  • ewf’oiejrng

    It;s the same benefit, sounds a lot different. wonder what he’s been up to since he created one of the best underground hip hop albums of all time

  • tron

    i doubt it’s the same benefit. the OG napster rapper dude just hopped on twitter @benefitofficial. seems like he’s trying to get back out there. plus, he was from florida, right?

  • dalek

    Is the Benefit, the old and degenerate who heals by the power of his subjects and predicates?

  • Nicerappers

    Fire grind hard Bro

  • markaveli

    def not the old school benefit

  • Oven

    Og benefit or not we need a straight answer ?
    And if its not dude shoud hope on here and leave a comment not like everybody don’t read this shit

  • Rapperlove

    Dope!!!! Good combo of underground/commercial Hiphop want more from u

  • This Man BENEFIT CTN of EMS Productions is a smash track maker. He has done tracks with both legends and up to date relevant artists. He is Making Moves in the Hip Hop World.

  • Frank East

    This mixtape is from Benefit CTN. I’m a fan, but it does get annoying with all of the confusion around the name over and over again. He should use Benefit CTN on his album covers and itunes store so that people won’t keep getting confused since there’s like four guys named Benefit on itunes.