Saturday Night Sexy: Jasmin Cadavid pt.2

blame it on Illy August 17, 2013

Twitter: @Jasmincadavid/Instagram: jasmincadavid

We saw what she was about last year and tonight the Guatemalan/Columbian vixen is back again. Jasmin Cadavid is tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy. Check out more of Ms. Cadavid courtesy of Dynasty Series after the jump.

  • TB

    this chick can get it but naturals > fakes

  • mineisbigger

    wack…would still get the diznick but wack

  • biff tannen

    Latinas >
    Real tits >

  • Honestly, if you think this chick is ugly not worth the time. Then you’re a closet faggot. Ha, she looks great. Seen better, but sho nuff looks like the pussy has a few miles on it, ha. Won’t lie, I’d hit.

  • Slauson

    Not feelin this chick at ALL! Come on man, you can do a lot better than this Jenny Craig reject!

  • gt

    But if you give her some b cups A+

    not really a jug man

  • ass man

    Come on son! Ass shots! Where are the damn ass shots!

  • WHAT!

    ^ Agreed! Ya’ll dudes retarded. She’s bad as FUCK! I’d murder that toto!

  • SandySupreme

    I’d give her the diznyeeeeeeee

  • nahmean?

    wack shit though

  • m.black

    She fiya…

  • T

    Cool ranch doritos

  • Skiler714

    These hoes look like they 4-11 tall. The second pic makes her elbowlook like a 3 rd titty ala total recall

  • Yonyless

    @Slauson you don’t know what a real woman is, I bet you only dig them skinny ass chiks but hey to each his own. More for the rest of us.

  • Colombian

    Guatemalan/ColUmbian? It should be ColOmbian… From Colombia.
    PS: She bad as fuck

  • Grizzy

    Pretty Little Sexy Mama!

  • boston

    COLOMBIAN…why do nikkas always get this wrong this aint canada bitch!!!

  • Cordero Ventura

    This chick is fake as hell. She had work done, I know because I am Colombian and a Guatemalan, and majority of both women are not build like this. My chick is Brazilian those bitches are made like that, because of that Black blood running in them veins. Guatemalan women are Native Amerindian/European with some African descent within the country so their asses are beyond flat its a surfboard. The most famous Colombian women are triracial Afro, Euro, and Native Indian. This chick is light.

  • Will

    Fake body ass Mestiza, these bitches be flat ass hell, the latinas with the best bodies are the Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, some Venezuelans and thats it. Those heavy Native Amerindian countries aint weilding bad bitches I know because I am a Afro-Latino.

  • dope

    ^^^^^two herb nikkas up above STFU Fags!!!!

  • zzz

    brazilians arent latinas you stupid motherfucker @will

  • kop

    colombian women are thick as hell…get your knowledge up little nikkas

  • YeDaTruth

    @zzz they’re not hispanic, but they ARE latin, so I suggest you do your research before calling someone a “stupid motherfucker”

  • zzz

    @yedatruth not according to the US census bureau, but it can be argued either way…granted they are from latin america…but i dont consider them latinos…do your research pussy boy!!!

  • YeDaTruth

    @zzz why so hostile?? I’m not a pussy boy, sir. Anyway, this is gonna sound funny, but I actually worked as an enumerator for the Census a few years ago. At the end of the day, you can put your race/ethnicity as anything you want, because what matters most to the Census is how YOU define yourself ethnically and racially (ethnicity differs from race). that’s why when Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory, almost everyone from the Island was documented as “white”, regardless of whether or not that was the case. My grandmother was a Puerto Rican of African descent, and yet legally she was white. So anything the Census says about race and ethnicity should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • NesTa

    The term ‘latino’ is made-up so who gives a fuck…but yea Portuguese speaking countries fall under ‘latino.’ LoL