Joe Budden – Control Freestyle

blame it on JES7 August 17, 2013

Although originally stating that he wouldn’t release his response he recorded to Kendrick’s “Control” verse, Joey apparently changed his mind. What transpires out of this is mad fucking bars. I think we can stop after this one now. Yeah, just stop.


    Joe always comes correct

  • krow132

    @Cakpor. niggas going to say its wack though cuz they hate Joe Budden’s personality

  • dontdoit


  • True

    fuck that keep the responses coming!!!

  • Real

    Chief Keef need to hop on this beat and kill all these niggas

    • Hachem

      Cheif keef? U gotta be kidding me. That so called “rapper” is one of the worst lyricist ive ever heard of. U seen his interviews? He doesnt act normal and acts like this big shot. I swear ive seen my little brother come up with rap bars as a joke thats better than him. Nigga said cheif keef…. Lol

  • Masta™

    Amen. Joey delivers 2013 ether.

  • erq

    2dbz your “recent comments” has been fucked for more than a year now. either fix it or take that shit down.

    its completely useless,

  • Lork1

    One word: Unbelievable.

  • Frost

    killed it…

    this should be the last one…

    don’t see anyone topping this, unless its one of the greats…

  • TuElite

    Joe didn’t change his mind, fans leaked a poor quality of the song, which I tweeted to you guys. After it spread he had no choice but to release the CDQ as not to lose face.

  • who cares

    Aye Joey, where was this hunger on your bullshit album? On some real shit though, this is hands down the best Control response so far. Dude murked it.

  • Lowry

    Kendrick ain’t toppin this. Don’t even try, nigga. Old Joey is back.

    • MyrealnameisVictor

      so It took a verse from Kendrick for him to finally drop dope shit again?

  • ew

    Hate this guy but easily the best response ive heard.

  • krow132

    I think Joell response was better, and Kendrick’s initial verse too but this is hot. I got to put this in 3rd place

  • rick


    dont be so tick and naive. If joe didnt want people to hear it he wouldnt have played it on a fucking ustream in the first place. he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and EXACTLY what people would do. Don’t be so gullible. The guy is an attention whore

  • chuck

    dude killed it.

    bring this shit to your albums joey.

  • GeeZuP

    This is why Joey stay in my top 5 minus his last bullshit album

  • Jus10

    If the next Slaughterhouse album sounds anything like what JOELL & JOE have done with this beat… Message to Slaughter, more spit like this, less like “This is my mutherfuckin life”. Less rap about partying & cars, and more raw bars about skills, battle, and hiphop in general.

    Bottom line > Joell & Joe did this beat better than a husband who gets none from his wife, and def did this beat better than anyone else. SLAUGHTER!

  • gawd

    joe fucking dismantled this shit…

    vintage mouse budden on this smh

  • Philly

    If you weren’t mentioned in Kendrick’s verse or you’re not from NY. No reply needed. And this is corny

  • WACK

    Joe Budden aren’t you a reality star now?



  • Wat

    I’m not even a fan of Joe but this shit is fuckin hard… Haven’t heard a cat demolish a beat like this in a minute.

  • Dan V

    Kendrick done started the Royal Rumble of hip hop beef

  • 5Ft.Deep

    FINALLY! Best response yet.. No doubt about it

  • Saywordson

    Isn’t Joey from jersey?

  • hova scotia


  • Cage

    He just mopped the floor with meek on gp?? Hahahaha he been takin Ls like a champ


    Dan V

    you right, but dont use the word “beef” b/c aint whats going on here (or at least what’s MEANT to be going on here). its rappers feeling pressed/inspired to not take this situation with a grain of salt and step their bars up. its just like joe said, “i heard this shit, wasnt offended at all”

    minus Papoose’s salty ass, beef has nothing to do with all these responses

  • C-Killa

    ^^^^^what a bitch

  • dumb niggas

    joe was born in spanish harlem though…

  • triPAUD

    I think ppl mixing up Paps aggression for anger.

  • runt

    someone finally mentioned Black Thought in a song.


    @C-Killa u mad brah?

  • yung

    TOO DOPE budden & ortiz>>>>>>>>>>>>other kendrick responses

  • Master Bruce

    Keep it 100 Paps diss that nigga and went way overboard. Give this man Joey a hand he went the fuck in like you suppose to.. I just wished people would understand a niggaz not trying to be king of west coast or east coast thats easy a nigga trying to be King of HIP-HOP

  • Master Bruce

    Keep it 100 Paps diss that nigga and went way overboard. Give this man Joey a hand he went the fuck in like you suppose to.. I just wished people would understand a nigga not trying to be king of west coast or east coast thats easy a nigga trying to be King of HIP-HOP

  • k_q_b

    Damn. Killed this shit…nothing else to say.

  • Joe.

    Dope shit but I feel if Kendrick had more bars than his one verse and directly aimed them back at Budden specifically he would rip him.

  • really doe

    Joell Ortiz response was better.. this shit was all over the place. First he says he’s not offended, then takes light weight shots at Kendrick, then rambles for 4 minutes. Joey is an attention whore, there was no need for him to respond. And taking shots at Jay Electronica, for what??

  • Q

    ^^^^^^^^^^That remains to be seen. Kendrick hasn’t said a single thing about the diss records and is as if he is hiding OR could be coking up a response. Either or if he doesn’t respond he can never be mentioned in the discussion of the king of hip hop.

  • jerk me

    @joe, if kendrick had more bars? He had 3 minutes.

  • Shawn

    Nice response but obviously it would only be even of Kendrick had one focus fire reply at Joe alone. Anyway, only response that’s been worth a damn so far and Joe is the shit, regardless.

  • JOEEEEY! JOEEEEY! JOEEEEY! Thank god Kendrick did that shit, bout to seperate the predators from the prey. #housegang And oh yeah, Joe definitely got him.

  • whateverIguess

    pump it up. thats all.

  • RedLionKing

    All I’m wondering is is this real beef between them,or is it just a simple response from elite artists sayin that they have now woken up…..cuz slaughterhouse and tde are on the same label.,Im looking forward to a collab and if this sht affected that I’m gon b tight!! Either way I’m happy kendrick did it cuz everyone’s coming from under their rocks and speaking up. It’s not necessarily wrong for kendrick to say he’s the king of New York,cuz he’s metaphorically saying he’s the king of the hiphop industry. The world knows that hiphop started in New York,and he’s saying he’s all everyone talks about cuz he is the IT man…at the same time you could argue saying jay still got it or drake rules the throne. But clearly it’s obvious to say that Kendrick has it by landslide. Don’t get me wrong neither,it was passed to him. Nas clearly said kendrick is the future,jay subliminally passed the torch on bdkmv remix.kendrick won,call me a Stan or whatever but,yea.

  • LL1

    @ RedLionKing: I don’t think it will turn into a beef. Kendrick knew exactly what he supposed to achieve with this move and Budden just followed it (walking the fine line between lyrically destroying rappers you’re friends with without losing you’re respect and love for them and always trying to be the best). Budden understood that full well…

    “But the irony, y’all all inspire me
    Y’all in a spot a lot of us aspire to be
    We just striving my G, tip my hat so y’all know it’s real
    Fuck whoever mad, you said how we all supposed to feel
    I know the game, some’ll try to get amped
    You push the envelope, some of us provided the stamp
    Predecessors wrote the letter, others sealed it shut
    Some was nice without the percs/perks before Amil got touched”

  • Hello

    Fuck Jo budden, slaughterhouse, and all u dick riders. Lets not forget who prompted this bs otherwise there’d be no new Joey tonight except for on basketball wives. West Side forever!!!! U been hatin our sound we the Innovators baby!!!

  • Hi

    Only the rappers no one give a fuck about responded.

  • Hola

    No, no. Only rappers that ain’t shit responded

  • marty mcfly

    Skills > Hype. You people go read my last two comments on the Papoose response to Kendrick and I honestly wanna know. Whats more important to the fans nowadays, the actually art of hip hop or who’s the most popular? Should Kendrick respond because he’s an MC or is his fame and popularity more important then that actual art of being an MC so is he too famous to respond now? And dont give me the political answer, I wanna know for real how you really feel about the shit. Later

  • adi Pre

    That is how you fucking respond. That is how you fucking annihilate a beat. No shouting, no anger, just straight up fucking bars. Budden is so underrated.

  • fuckthis

    It’s funny the same people that we were hyping up kendrick 18 months ago and were talking about how finally somebody lyrical is getting some shine are probably the same ones discounting other rappers because they’re not “relevant” and don’t sell records. Y’all are not even fans of hip-hop. You care about everything but the rapping itself. There’s dudes who are just as good as kendrick but because they’re not getting co-signed and pushed by the right people nobody wants to give them the time of day. Like Elzhi and Skyzoo for example. The truth is hip-hop sucks and that verse won’t change a thing so we should stop pretending it was a big deal.

  • kl

    joe budden fans are hilarious
    they think hes the greatest of all time no matter what. i think going to find it difficult to make his core fans not wanna hear him.
    they ride his dick so deep up hershey highway

  • Tshirt&Buddens

    Remember when Lil B ended this dude’s career?

  • Truth173

    ^ i guess his career hasnt been ended idiot

  • Truth173

    @fuckthis co-sign. trying to discredit a response cuz an emcee isnt relevant is basically saying “other people dont like him so i dont either”. bunch of idiots who have no brain and cant think for themselves. if u really love this hip hop shit, all u should care about is the quality of the track. if u r a biased bandwagon fan, you wont understand.

    • That is the truth!

      Kendrick calls out names but it was a call for ALL MCs to step it up, he wanted everyone to rap & that’s what everyone’s been giving ya-BARS!

      Hip hop fans gotta stop using that word “relevant” it’s just a low key way to hate, it came into use via 50 Cent along w/the use of 1st wk sales/soundscan #s. Before that fans didnt care about that stuff.

  • ^^ real talk. And its funny because those ppl who say that missed the whole point of why kendrick’s verse on control was so impactful in the first place. “oh why is so-so and so attacking kendrick” because he believes he’s the best and he clearly states that despite whatever relationship outside of rap, the job of an emcee is to be competitive.

    Look at it this way, if you look back at how hip hop started and cultural influences, boxing and Ali were huge. now wouldn’t you be annoyed if your two favourite competitive boxers didn’t go their hardest because they’re friends? That could go for most sports, but he mentality of a boxer is close to that of an emcee.


  • Truth173

    ^ true. which is why i found it hilarious when cats were sayin pap was salty and went “too hard” at kendrick. that’s how u know pap was on point when u hear responses like that.

    when we r talkin song for song, maybe kendrick is top 5 right now. but bar for bar, it’s clear he’s got mad competition and is not leading the pack. he might be right there around the top, but budden and pap IMO prove there aint no clear king bar for bar in the game right now. period.

  • Adi pre

    ^ Agreed. Pap killed it, Budden too. End of.

  • SforMusic

    @martymcfly its both fans hype about kendrick cos he has the skills, He has always had the skills to match the hype so it’s easier for fans to discredit other rappers response if they dont have it. Joel, Joey and even Papoose can kill Kendrick anyday and I aint afraid to say that but what happens next week when their shine dies down, would you honestly say ohh im gonna check out their new music afterwards or their new projects cos they killed Kendrick lyrically… I highly doubt it because these guys have been in the same situation hell Papoose stole the show in Summer Jam a few months ago and no body gave a damn about his album afterwards, I have said this before this is competition without reward, they can be disrespectful for all they can but at the end most of the day they most they are getting is “good verse” and dats it.

  • hahh

    Very nice “Response” and exactly what “hiphop” SHOULD be. 90s babies grew up on “soft” rap and dont quite understand vicious bars or listening to artists where you can dissect every line and word. Thats why Joels response went over lots of peoples heads with all the metaphors/references.

    All I have to say – real hip hop in this bitch. Im glad people are listening to lyrics and appreciating this shit now. Keep it coming. Thanks Kendrick.

  • marty mcfly

    @SfirMusic, alright well you got your opinion and on this matter its no right or wrong so its cool. Kendrick could respond or not respond but I gotta say if I was Kendrick I couldn’t let the Papoose shit slide cause its way to disrespectful. Now its like MCs need to have a bunch of reasons to say something about each other. A nigga could say fuck your whole family and people would be like yeah but is he relevant? LOL. In the early 2000s like in 01 – 05 you couldn’t even say one line about an MC and get away with it. If a rapper spoke on 50, Game, Lloyd Banks, Fab, Cassidy, Dip Set, Beanie Segal, T.I, Snoop and the DPG, Luda etc… First MCs would roast you on like 4 or 5 different mixtapes, then roast you on camera on Smack DVD, then roast you at shows and on Tv and then put out an album an roast you again. Fools would put out a mixtape in the morning roasting a rapper all through it and then by lunch time they on the radio roasting you with ten minute long freestyles. At one point it was like a new diss song every week coming out. Its cool though cause if thats not what it is now then hey just go make some songs so you can be relevant but leave this lyrical shit alone if you aint mentally prepared to step up. Thats all im really saying.

  • King Los

    King Los > Joe Budden > Joell > Papoose

  • marty mcfly

    Aside from the battle shit, if people take this same energy and use it to make better songs then thats cool. We all know that was Kendrick’s intention and it wasn’t to really go back and forth lyrically but the king of NY line is what really had MCs feeling some kinda way and they supposed to respond to that. In this situation though a response going either way really doesn’t hurt anybody cause its all about the skills. That was made clear from the gate. In this particular battle the only outcome is a better quality of lyricism so hey maybe Kendrick and TDE should consider responding. Ok that is all

  • marty mcfly

    And Lupe just dropped SLR3 btw… #Hoverboard Rap

  • mazoomy

    marty mcfly droppin that knowledge lol.

    I’m a 90’s baby (barely, born in ’90) but I got my hip-hop from my older brother at first. When it comes to hip-hop, I need that aggression and competitive nature that I grew up on. There’s nothing better than 2 mc’s coming for each other’s necks.

  • hova scotia

    ^^ its def better than slr2

  • akdiekd

    gay ass verse

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Pretty dope!!

  • Bullets

    Joe buddens is always boring I HATE nigas that rap with that out dated early 2000 flow set up punchline set up punchline! Shit is mechanical and corny he had a couple of lines in there but this niga always raps for 5min! All the brain washed fake “Real hiphop” heads are going to lose their minds over this basic ass shit smh

  • boston

    900 people like this bullshit…smmfh…you nikkas know nothing about hiphop …this guy is supersoft

  • Blackcamelspider

    GARBAGE!!! This cat got RAEKWONED, stop making battle rhymes you sound like a robot

  • adi Pre

    ^ You smelly pieces of shit, 911 dopes to 76 nopes speaks for itself. Dick doodles.

  • He’s spittin but delivery is weak