Kanye West vs. Paparazzi Troll: Kanye Wins

blame it on JES7 August 17, 2013

Remember that video that surfaced of Yeezy vs the paparazzi (troll)? The same altercation where said troll got smacked the fuck around? Well, guess what? Yeezus wins again. Sort of. According to the L.A. Times: “The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office on Friday declined to file felony assault and attempted robbery charges against the singer and referred the issue to the L.A. city attorney to see if the incident warranted a misdemeanor charge.”

  • You know for a minute I thought why did 2dopeboyz use a plane for the pic then I looked at the name of the plane. Very clever guys. Very clever.

  • jay bravo

    well if anyone pays attention anymore youll hear and see that the camera guy clearly says “i want you to hit me, come on, hit me” basically taunts him he didnt even get hit hes a pussy who wanted to get money quick and easy

  • Decaf Eddie

    This is stupid. Had a non-celeb done this, the aftermath would of been much different. Don’t get me wrong, Kanye West is a great artist. Even if the guy said “I want you to hit me” (which I didn’t here him say), as an ADULT we make choices. Kanye chose to go “apeshit”, even after saying “you want me to fight you so I’ll pay $250,000”. Misdemeanor my ass.

  • ewer

    Decaf Eddie

    Had a non celeb done this, this scum bad pap would never have pretended to be injured and wasted the public’s money by calling an amblance.

    If you seriously call that video going “apeshit” then you’re probably one of those frivolous low life losers like that camera guy who go around charading and looking for a pay day by trying to play the victim.

  • Smoke

  • what @AngelXStride said hahahahaha

  • Decaf Eddie

    @ewer: Agreed “apeshit” wasn’t the proper term to use. I’m just saying celebs can get away with murder (literally). Secondly, you don’t know me or my experiences. I’m in the entertainment business and the things that these celebs get away with is outrageous. I’m just saying they need to be held accountable just I hold myself accountable. Thanks.

  • obvious

    What a shame 2dbz clearly didn’t see the same video I saw. Kanye did no smacking around he tousled with the pap. Hardly warranting a felony charge. So this is not a win but an easy and clear outcome. Watch the video for yourself kanye wrestles with him a little and the guy falls and kanye puts up his hands. The pics made it seem like kanye harmed the guy severely but the video tells a completely different story. It was all a bitch move by kanye never warranted a felony charge.

  • rwr

    @Decaf Eddie that may be the case, but none of that applies to this case.

    ksnye didnt get away with anything, because he didnt do anything. so this is clearly a case of a few bad experiences clouding your better judgment

  • Decaf Eddie

    @rwr I guess your right. I may be overreacting. I appreciate your input.

  • Decaf Eddie

    @rwr On second thought, fuck you. “A few bad experiences?” You don’t know me and I don’t appreciate your attempt to trivialize the shit that I’ve been through in life.

  • Jus10

    Good picture. Just got it.

  • @Decaf Eddy

    If Kanye wasn’t a celeb he wouldn’t have paps trolling him in the first place so u can’t really take fame out of the equation here

  • @Decaf Eddy
    If Kanye wasn’t a celeb he wouldn’t have paps trolling him in the first place so u can’t really take fame out of the equation here