Uncle Murda – The Response (Kendrick Lamar Response)

blame it on Miss_Peas August 17, 2013

Uncle Murda is the latest rapper to respond to King Kendrick’s verse in “Control“.

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  • who cares

    Ummm… no. Beat is nice, but feels very weird for a response and he sounds uncomfortable as fuck on it. Lyrically it’s alright (for an Uncle Murda track), but it’s just dull.

    • Stfu

      Hey Who cares Stfu.. Enjoy the music………. Comments and blogs fuck the game too

  • keem

    I like this response Uncle Murda been putting out good material lately

  • Jim Bean

    I’m digging this.

  • yung

    this was okk

  • 5th

    I respect it

  • Sprosma

    First commenter trying to be all balanced and oldhand saying the beat is nice but doesnt even realize it comes from Jay Z MCHG

  • Q

    The beat is dope! sounds like a Macklemore beat and I’m definitely not a Macklemore fan. But Uncle Murda needed a harder beat to go in but he does put things into perspective.

    Kurupt said it first and that is going over people’s heads. Kendrick is a little boy though I did like that line about Mase and the other one about Dre.

  • really doe

    Shit made me laugh.. give him respect for not using the same “Control” beat which is annoying as hell with all that sampled screaming shit. For real tho this needs to stop.. no more responses unless it’s from the dudes who Kendrick mentioned. Shit is getting tired quick.

  • kony said what?

    @really doe, Why does it have to be from dudes that kendrick mentioned. Kendrick said he was going to murder all as in ALL of you rapper. As in everybody. Kendrick said he was the king of New York but a lot of those rappers are not FROM NEW YORK so why would they care about another rapper calling himself the king of New York? Kendrick said he was going to murder them on their records WELL DOESN’T EVERY RAPPER WANT TO DO THAT. So as far as the rappers being named having to respond they don’t need to.

  • Q

    In terms of the king of new york quote:

    Jermaine Cole = North Carolina
    Big K.R.I.T = Mississippi
    Wale = Washington, D.C.
    Meek Mill = Philadelphia
    Drake = Canada
    Big Sean = California
    Jay Electronica = New Orleans
    Tyler, the creator = California
    Mac Miller = Philadelphia

    Only 2 rappers he mentioned are from new york:

    Pusha T = New York
    A$AP Rocky = New York

  • kony said what?

    So then Pusha T and ASAP Rocky needs to respond…

  • Free

    Pusha T from Virginia

  • Pusha T is very much Virginia, And Big Sean claims Detroit.

    sidenote: Push was born in Newyork and raised in VA, and Sean in Cali but raised in Detroit, I think thats why you siad those places.

    Even still Atlanta is the mecca of hiphop now …. I would have been surprised if he said hes the king there … since commercially they have been dominating the airwaves. East and West coast cats have been changing their “sound” to fit a down south formula. So was Kendrick’s comment even relevant other than it just wrestled some feathers.

  • Raadius

    @Q, Big Sean is from Detroit you idiot.

  • Westbound Down

    You know fuck all this rapper beef.
    Imma beef with 2dbz on some real shit. You know what on some Dr. Dre shit: I got the best response right here!

    All these sucka ass niggas can eat a fat dick,
    Yeah, Shake can eat a big fat dick,
    Meka can eat a big fat dick,
    J.E.S. can eat a fat dick,
    Miss Peas can eat a fat dick,
    Draining my dick all in her mouth!

  • Kenqsct

    I like this. Murda always got some creative and funny bars and he kept it real.

  • Animal

    He came right. This is seriously one of the better reponses.

  • Q what the hell is wrong with you this is a fucking jay z beat

  • Truth173

    pusha t reps VA, born in NY or not, never repped NY. and this really wasnt as bad as I thought it would be considering it is uncle murda. actually made some valid points and it wasnt terrible. i usually dont feel any of his music

  • dre

    damn this post by Q
    dumbest shit ive seen

  • FrankieSaysRelax

    I love seeing the losers on this site get so bent out of shape. LOL


  • rEALTALKla

    Terrible. I think this can end after Budden/Joel Ortiz.

  • wtf

    pusha t is not from ny
    big sean is from detroit, not ca
    and mac miller is from pittsburgh not philly

    come on man

  • Dre_The_Yoda

    To the nigga Q, Pusha-T is from Virginia, not New York and Mac Miller from Pittsburgh, not philly.They are not even close to being a like.



    you must be from a special ed class that couldnt afford Geography…

  • Q, the Official Pussy Killa

    @all ya cats, I may not have been fully on the money about where all these rappers are from but you get my point. The ones that I like I was on point with where they are from the others I went off of my head from recollection. But that doesn’t take away from my point that Kendrick said king of new york and king from coast to coast but mentioned rappers not from or who represent either coast. So it defeats a need for a response from the rappers he mentioned when none of them rep New York like that.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Short song but good lyrics and beat. Lastly what song was this nigga listening to talking about all these rappers he named. He didn’t name them niggas. He mentioned, Jay-Z, Nas, Fabolous, Maino and Asap Rocky all NY niggas! How u a fan of hiphop but get all that shit wrong. SMH! Listen to Z100 brah!

  • ComeOnMan


    you completely missed what he was saying, he called himself the king of NY….THEN he said he’s cool with most of the people he raps along side with but he wants them to know in the spirit of competition he wants to kill all of them, then he named those people. The two statements are completely unrelated, the king of ny thing had nothing to do with the rappers he mentioned

  • Will

    The comments on here are missing the point, especially with this why is he responding shit. There is really one East Coast rapper he mentioned untouched by relocation and that is Asap. Pusha-T claims Virginia not NY, so him being the king of NY was wasted and foolish. This puts him in a spot where the whole East Coast can respond so people should keep quiet. There was one true NY nigga on the list so when he disrespected the East by being king over here everyone is warranted a chance to salvage his faulty debacle.

  • deteesfinest

    Straight garbage, this is exactly what Kendrick was talking about, damn didn’t you hear him say he raising the bar high u gotta jump and get it…..stupid!

  • deeznuuuuts

    all y’all idiots still talmbout the king of NY line.. he was quoting kurupt and you still don’t know.

  • MadProducer

    He said “I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the king of new york, king of the coast. One hand I’ll juggle em both.” In laymen’s terms, he’s claiming to be king of hip-hop. period. Tired of everybody isolating that one line without paying attention to the actual BAR. And, yes, deeznuuuuts is correct about the Kurupt quote.

  • datskat

    This is that New York sound that seems to be lost nowadays

  • Pauly D

    Niggas struggling for relevancy so much they have to make poverty ass responses to Kendrick.