Curren$y – Audio Dope 4 (prod. Harry Fraud)

blame it on Illy August 19, 2013

Spitta links up with Harry Fraud on “Audio Dope 4” as well as hinting the title of his upcoming project which will be called, Bales.

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  • Desmond

    To short but something I’ll ride to.

  • thafuk

    what a HUGE disappointment compared to the other Audio Dope’s… SMDH.

  • \m/ that life

    This nigga got another “upcoming project” shit stay working I say pause that a bit and hit the tour with the rest but we’ll see..

  • Sprosma

    Drums need work. Harry Fraud overrated

  • red

    This is coming from a huuuuge Curren$y fan, I’ve got a 800+ song playlist with Curren$y, Trade, Roddy, and features but Spit vicious has not been up to par for awhile now. Verde Terrace was the last full piece I enjoyed.

  • jetson


    STFU and GTFO u broke ass hoe

    new jet city goes hard

  • flyboi

    new jet city was better than Stoned Immaculate. It really should have been his album. He has legit hits on that joint.

  • This nigga’s flow sound boring as fuck. Nothing impresses me about this dude. All he does is sound tired as fuck on tracks, put muscle cars on his mixtape/album covers and i bet he don’t even own more than 1. I see why him and jizz cocklifa are close, both lames are overrated as fuck man and i’m a lupe, em, childish, k. dot, fan…i’m just saying dude don’t impress on the mic…i’m just being honest

  • Cramp

    Holy hatred

  • red

    Curren$y said it himself, “best over beats that’s breezy” not that Luger inspired trap bullshit.

    Seriously if you think I’m a hater you’re so far from correct. Super Techmo Bowl, Ridgemont Fly, Pilot Talk 1&2, Jet Files, and so many more are my favorite CDs/tapes.
    I just haven’t been feeling his projects recently. And when Trademark and Roddy were putting out tapes with Cookin’ Soul I was gassed. But with Trade leaving and Spitta’s recent works (Priest Andretti???) I’m not as impressed.
    Still my favorite rapper since the Guru though.

  • @red ^^^^ Priest Andretti was smooth…you would know if you ever watched SuperFly…that mixtape is a movie in its self

  • jetLIFER

    @red what about “3 Piece Set” & “Cigarette Boats” both mixtapes were smooth and his beat selection on both was crazy good. Although they were short, they were great tapes. I also have a absurd Jet Life Recordings collection, Pilot Talk 1 is hands down my fave, but I like them all.