• http://cooliscommon.tumblr.com Q. Hefner

    10 songs? Bit disappointed...but for that matter, I'm not all that impressed with his recent work.

    BUT...I'm stilla fan. I'll give it a try.

  • jewiii

    how aren't you fan? he's been incredibly consistent. you should go replay those singles

  • http://@julesclay @julesclay

    i knew he wouldn't have a lot of tracks.he never does...but because of it im not listening to anymore of it, including his new song with Drake...

    • mdj

      If that's your reason for not listening to an artist then you wasn't a fan to begin with.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Looking forward to this joint, folk.

  • yung

    Should be dope 1 drake feature that's a plus, i'm checking for it

  • lil chris

    1 of the only artist that can get my money along with kid cudi & frank ocean

  • ayybruh

    Damn he already released about half the album already, probably wont buy it now but il give it a listen to. Sucks to say but he'll never be able to come close to what he gave us with House of Balloons.



    well not with an attitude like that he wont