The Weeknd – Live For f. Drake

blame it on Illy August 19, 2013

The Drake-featured “Live For” will appear on The Weeknd’s forthcoming debut studio LP, Kiss Land, out September 10.

  • wc

    Kinda hard to believe that a song with both Weeknd and Drake has such a bad hook… Other than that, I dig it.

  • ew

    this guy completely bores me. i dont care what anymore says.

  • kiddjewce

    this kiss land shit aint poppin off like the mix tapes, i dont know man.

  • Yeah definitely not feelin’ the hook on first listen. I’ll give it a few more spins but that is surprising given these two guys are great at hooks.

  • The Weekdy

    That hook is horrid, dude.

  • dlee27

    the weeknd’s music is getting more and more boring. you can’t be depressed for 3 straight mixtapes. your sound has to progress at some point.

  • samflow

    I dont understand how or why ppl like The Weekend. Im so confused by his popularity.

  • Depressed? Do you listen to the lyrics?!? Lol

  • Me

    I’m not usually one of those dudes who say this but The Weeknd lost what made him The Weeknd when he signed to that major, I swear. This shit off the album just doesn’t go as hard as the mixtapes. There’s no edge anymore. He probably should’ve signed with OVO. They’re doing dope things over there and staying true to themselves.

  • T


  • SHOWMAN3000

    I am a Drake supporter but ever since Weeknd came out I have been finding it hard to believe that he can sing good. There are songs I thought were cool but I can’t help but cringe and I truly mean literally CRINGE when I hear soooo many off-key notes. This song is probably thee most cringe-worthy I have ever heard. I think Drake should be somewhat happy Weeknd didn’t sign with him. His limited vocals and “simple-simon” “trying too hard” lyrical style needs a lot of polishing.

    I have to admit I listen to him on several songs/mixtapes/features and I want tolike his music but its not good. Drakes verse was cool but this song is a waste of time and anyone with good taste.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    ↑↑↑ ^^^ My comment was talking about and referring to Weeknd not Drake. Weeknd’s voice is off-key and bad.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Weeknd should have kept Remember You for his first single…

  • Ant

    @Miketomlin And one of those nights…

  • OVO

    ^^^^agree 2 dope as fuccccccc songs

  • Truth

    The same simp ass niggas hating on here are the same ones first to download the album for free then complain about how horrible it is…you 2dopeboyz groupies are a joke.