• i

    lol why though

    no one cares about your home made greatest hits playlist.

  • obama

    street dream remix my nigga!

  • who cares

    So you gon' make a Nas "Best Of" tape and not include "Rewind"? Ok...

  • Check

    no star wars, no nazereth savage, no money over bullshit?

  • Joe Cold

    UNDYING LOVE!?!?!?!?!?

  • http://Yaowa Weathermen

    @who cares

    My exact thoughts...

  • http://Yaowa Weathermen

    Or shit even Drunk By My Self, or Blunt Ashes would of helped

  • Stealmatic

    So they work on a tape together to come up w that list

  • runt

    Nas catalogue is so vast that no one will agree on what his best tracks are.