• T-Luv

    2nd one got that Club/Radio feel, while the last one sounds like it could be more what were used to from Q

  • jmo

    Between Villains. crazy record you should upload it

  • Schoolbooty Z

    Sounds like 2 new tracks to me...

  • cam

    The second one sounded like it would be Sextin pt 2

  • 23

    how do i listen to them? i need the app?

  • 23


  • west coast nahmean?

    these joints must be on that LP. super gangsta shit

  • Sticky

    What happened to these?

  • JT

    Q should have put these on Oxymoron. Could have easily replaced three tracks from that album.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Could have put these tracks on in place of the filler ones.