• dboss


  • malcyvelli

    I applaud what he said in this interview but DAM this nigga make's his voice more nasaly with each talk show appearance, like it's nearing an MJ level

  • no

    this is why Cole outsold.

  • Fake

    Sounds weird

  • gmoney

    Kanye is a straight sell out


    his gotta be the whitest black man ever

  • d-bo

    Why Kanye sound like a faggot?

  • d-bo

    Dat underbite doe.

  • AAAA

    No Joke, He sounds like Michael Jackson...

  • Peekay

    man, he can't even look at her when he's speaking.

  • Jay Grant

    He Sounds nothing like Michael Jackson...

  • lp

    Lol Kanye thinks if he sounds gay it will appeal to white america..

  • C’mon Y’all

    he's definitely using his white voice ctfu

  • realtalkā„¢

    LMAO I can definitely hear what u mean with the michael jackson voice.. this is a bad look for him but i gave up on kanye a couple years ago so im straight

  • Gifts

    ^That's his real voice. He makes it "hood" when he needs to.

  • jus10

    50 became blinded by ego, and Kanye toppled Fif...
    'Ye became blinded by ego, Cole toppled Yeezy...
    ...and so it goes on...

  • me

    That nikka sound gay as phuck

  • koke

    Kanye never goes to the Southside of Chicago


    Kanye West doing an interview?

  • j avalanche

    Today I officially deleted all of my kanye songs...

  • lel

    Cole toppled who? lmao. If anything it's Drake or Kendrick on top atm.

  • doge

    ^ top lel

  • SOYSaucy

    how does this have more dope than nope

  • gregory kruxx.

    @SOYSaucy Cause it sounds and looks pretty genuine...smh...man..to quote the man himself...

    Everybody feel a way about K but at least y'all feel something

  • Mac Dre

    His voice doesn't sound "gay" like he has a lisp. He's just calm and his voice sounds high.

  • Sharkzulito

    Definitely changing his voice to appeal to the audience, which is natural when publicly speaking. The audience is everything. Remember that.

  • Primo

    "Ignorant. They're ignorant."

  • Taylor

    Hes on his white wife's, white mother's, white talk show on a white channel with a white audience. Once he enters that room, he is no longer a rapper. Give him a break! You know you'd talk the same way in that situation.